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Ask the Angels – August Answers

My dear earth angels,

I’m thrilled to be continuing this Ask the Angels forum this month! Lots of questions for the angels have been streaming in which is AWESOME!! Before we get started, I have two announcements.

First, some of the questions submitted are inspiration for the more general emails I send out monthly such as the recent 3 Steps for Opening to the Angels. We had many folks wondering how to connect more deeply with the angels, and the 3 Steps email was an answer to that.

If you have submitted a question that is a common request, please watch carefully as your angels will be answering it, but not necessarily through the personal Ask the Angels forum.

Second, if you have a gmail email address, please be aware that Google has made some changes that will affect ongoing delivery of our emails and automatically categorize them as promotional. I do promote classes and other offerings through AngelsTeach, although at least 75% of the emails I send out are informational for your spiritual growth and benefit.

Please click for instructions to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

Now, on with the Ask the Angels show. ;).. 

This month, the angels have us focused on relationship challenges and protection. Our questions from CJ, Karen and June inspire some intense wisdom and direction from the angels that we all can benefit from.


CJ Johnson from California asks, “I have always know that I have angels protecting me; Zadkiel, Uriel, Michael and Arial. Lately, since my separation from a cheating husband, my dreams are vacant and my lifestyle has changed dramatically. I always had enough money and many relationships (friends & family members) – that has all dried up. I realize that after my separation I became reclusive due to the shock of my divorce….

“My questions: How do I regain the relationship that I had with the angels since I was a child? Is my lifestyle going to go back to a more fuller life and will I have a relationship with the person I was meant to be with?”

Angel of Abundance from the Angels, Gods & Goddesses deck by Toni Carmine Salerno

Rev. Elvia writes: CJ, this is one of my all-time favorite cards. I mean how can you look at this card and not think, YAY!! The answer to your second question about returning to a fuller life is a resounding YES!

However, it will take some effort and dedication on your part. I am sensing some anger that is hanging on with stubborn determination. Understandable given the circumstances you describe and I am hearing that you are at a crossroads. 

You can either choose to let the anger go and truly move on OR you can continue to carry a victim mentality. This may seem a bit harsh, but remember your angels adore you and want you to enjoy life, rather than feel such burdens.

So, instead of thinking that your husband has wronged you, open to the idea that he has freed you to be the YOU that you’re destined to be. Thank him for setting you up for a new life that is more in alignment with your life’s mission.

The more you can open in gratitude for what’s happened and begin to see more gifts, the faster you’ll feel your angels whip in and give you the guidance you want and need.

I know this can be a real mind-bender and you’ve clearly been through quite an ordeal. I’m hearing the angels say, “It’s time to let go of that.”

To that end, here’s your Angelic Assignment

Pray each morning, “Dear angels, thank you for helping me release the anger and resentment I have towards [ex-husband’s name]. Please help me to move on and experience the joy I know is my destiny.” After you have said this prayer, breathe in the truth of it. In other words, focus on some deep breathing until it feels like this prayer is a solid decision you’ve made and you know in your heart that it’s what you’re creating.


Karen asks, “I’ve been in a relationship for over a year with a man with whom we talked about getting married and having children several times. However, a couple of months ago he told me that he’s not ready to get married or have children. I’m in my late 30’s and he is in his early 40’s. His words speak louder than his actions in that he always wants to spend money and has other things such as rebuilding his car that are higher priority. I’ve had some feelings where I’m not sure that I’m on the right path with this man. I would like to know if I am on the right path with this relationship.”

Angel of Relaxation from the Angels, Gods & Goddesses deck by Toni Carmine Salerno
Rev. Elvia writes: Dear Karen, I certainly understand that you are concerned about being able to have children and wish for a loving relationship. What I am hearing the angels whisper is “Relax…we’ve got more in store for you than you know. Let this one go and we will show you the life you are meant to lead. Deep down, this man does not satisfy all that you desire and you deserve so much more. It is good and you are safe.”
You need to do what feels 100% right in your heart, not your head. Let go of logic that the “clock is ticking” so it’s got to be this guy because of timing. If he’s the one you are meant to be with, when you let go – as the angels suggest – you may find that you release the pressure valve on the relationship and it opens up into one that does feel more satisfying. If you love someone, set them free…they may come back, or not.
When a relationship is truly right, there is no question. It just feels right and you know it on all levels. So hard for the ego to trust this, but it’s so, so true.
Your Angelic Assignment:
Ask your angels to guide the process and talk to him. Encourage him to be fully honest with you about all of his feelings and be fully honest with him about yours. Trust that the outcome from your discussion is exactly what you both need.
Affirm: I deserve a life that’s joyful and satisfies me in all ways. I am love and I attract love. I am open to the love that is destined for me. 

June from Flint Michigan asks, “I recently started at a new place of employment doing patient care calls for a compounding/specialty pharmacy. I love my job, but I am very stressed over meeting the expectations of the job. I am much more critical of myself than others are. I keep forgetting how to be as kind to myself as I am to other people. How can I re-connect with my angels during the workday, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed?”

Acceptance from the Wisdom Oracle deck by Toni Carmine Salerno

Rev. Elvia writes: My sense is dear June, that you are very sensitive to the energy and while your job is wonderfully rewarding, it’s also impacting and draining your energy – this makes it harder for you to feel the presence of your angels. [See last week’s message re 3 Steps to Opening to Your Angels.]

I’m going to go straight to your Angelic Assignment:

The first step is for you to be more mindful and respectful of your energy and manage it with intention. Before you go to work each day, visualize the angels cleaning and protecting your energetic bodies.

Ask Archangel Michael to keep you clean and clear of all energies that are not yours. I’m seeing someone polishing silver and it’s a vision to help convey that as you do this, remember that you and your angels are caring for something very precious – you!

Similarly, at the end of the day – before you go home – repeat the same exercise. This is about you taking control of your energy. That blue orb in the card represents your focus on strength , clarity, protection and resiliance.

Lastly, when you find yourself in a pattern of self-judgment, stop. One of our dear teachers Deborah has an acronym she loves to use: HALT! If you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired – it’s your signal to stop and take a time out.

If you aren’t treating yourself kindly, your angels have stepped away and of course, that’s not what you want. HALT, breathe and ask your angels to step back in.

Affirm: I am a child of Divine Love. I AM Love. I Love ME! 


And…that’s a wrap for this month’s Ask the Angels responses. Deep gratitude to CJ, Karen and June for submitting such great questions and also thanks to all those whose submissions weren’t specifically chosen.

If your question was not selected, it will remain in our queue and may be chosen in the coming months.

Remember to trust that your angels are working on your behalf 24/7so look for the answers within the other readings as well as in the world around you.

If you would like to submit a question for consideration next month, click HERE and I’d love to help as guided.

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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