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Gmail Email Alert – Please read to ensure continued delivery!

If you have a Gmail email address, please be aware that Google has made some changes that will affect ongoing delivery of our emails and automatically categorize them as promotional. Yes, I do promote classes and other offerings through AngelsTeach, although at least 75% of the emails I send out are informational for your spiritual growth and benefit.

Please follow the following steps to be sure you don’t miss any of our angelic goodness.

Step one: Login to your Gmail account through Google

Step two: Click on the “Promotions” tab

Step three: Select one of the emails from AngelsTeach

Select AngelsTeach email

Step four: Drag it to the Primary folder

Step five: When asked if you want to do this for future emails from [email protected], click YES

Confirm for future emails from AT

Step six: If you are a Living with the Angels Silver Halo member, you will also need to do this for your Sunday AngelGram because that is sent from [email protected]

Step seven: If there are other organizations you are following and wish to continue to see their emails more easily, repeat these steps.

Thank you for your continued love of the angels!


Rev. Elvia

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