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Feeling Blocked? 3 Steps for Opening to Your Angels

Pray to your angels every day and life will be forever glorious, right?

Sorrows are replaced with understanding.

Grief is erased by joy.

Strife and fear are removed by faith.

Yes, this is all true. Except sometimes it’s a lot harder to plug into your divine source to replace the sorrow, erase the grief and remove the strife and fear.

During these times, it can feel like your angels aren’t close by. Perhaps they’re off visiting relatives in another state or hanging out at a barbeque across the street, ignoring your needs and pleas for help.

Never so…your angels are always with you, ready and waiting to give you a hand.


So what makes the difference between days when it’s easy to connect with your divine guidance and days when it’s a bit more challenging? What’s happening behind the scenes?

My advice is basic and may seem dull on the surface. (Why the ego often says “bleh!”)

Nevertheless these 3 Steps for Opening to Your Angels are critical if you’re looking to connect and go deeper with your angels.

Here we go…

Step #1 – Reduce stress.

It’s easy to feel the angels around you when things are calm and peaceful. If your diet is healthy, you have a regular exercise regime and you’re able to meditate and pray everyday, then voila – sensing the angels is a breeze. 

For many of us, however, the fast-pace of our modern society works against a low-stress lifestyle. The days when stores were closed on Sundays and TV ended at midnight are over.

What’s harder is that we’re expected to be online and available 24/7, whether it’s for family, friends, business, etc… While instantaneous connection is a coveted tool (especially for us mom’s of young adults!), moments when we’re able to be completely offline are few and far between.

Action item – unplug. I can’t tell you how huge this has been for me personally. As much as possible, carve out some time each day and don’t answer the phone, stay away from your computer and do something just for you – outside is perfect. If you can, spend some time connecting with nature…the angels elixir for stress!


Step #2 – Keep the faith – no matter what.

When life throws us a difficult phase (and trust me, I’m smack dab in the middle of one right now), breathe in courage and trust that all is in divine order.

The fact is, we don’t grow if we’re not given challenges. If life was always easy, we’d stay in the same place and our energy would stagnate.

We need challenging cycles to expand and develop spiritually.

Action item – remember to focus on the gifts and remind yourself daily that all aspects of life come in cycles. This too shall pass…


#3 – Get quiet and reduce the noise.

We live in a loud, bright world. Phones ding, cars honk and whirl along, planes cruise the skies.

Radios blast, trucks beep and many people talk for the sake of talking without thoughtful intention.

And the sneakly little ego friend? Talk about a voice that can be loud! I’m not just talking about external noise here, but also those distractions that come from within.

While this step is closely related to Step #1, it’s the essential emphasis on quiet time, meditation and prayer. Whatever that looks like for you. 

Action item – get quiet and reduce the noise. If you’re not feeling close to your angels, this is probably the first place to look – what are you doing to get quiet and reduce the noise? Not to beat a dead horse, but this is a biggie!

Common responses I get to this action item:

  • Meditating is too hard for me. I just can’t sit long enough and I never know if I’m doing it right. Suggestion: Ask your angels to help you be a meditating success story! Let them guide you to books, classes, friends who will partner with you,… Decide that this is a priority for you.
  • I don’t know how to pray or what to pray for. Suggestion: You can’t goof with prayer. Yes, there are techniques that make prayer more successful, but there’s no way to do it wrong. Ask your angels to help with whatever ails you and end your prayer by holding the faith and space that your prayer will be answered. In fact, decide that it will be answered.
  • My life is just too busy; how can I find the time? Suggestion: There’s always time to do what’s in your highest good. Always. If you’re thinking there’s not, then your little ego friend is butting in. Kick that ego to the curb and ask your angels to help you set your life’s priorities so that you have the time you need to get quiet and reduce the noise. Ultimately, when you’re able to do this, you’ll be SO much more productive and get tons more done. Why? Because you’ll be centered and focused on what’s important and truly needs your attention.  


So there you have it… 3 Steps for Opening to Your Angels.

Simple. Easy.

Not always so doable if you’re feeling stuck.

But once you shirk the skins of fear, oh so rewarding. 😉


In other news…

Because many of you have written about my stepmother’s illness and sent prayers and thoughts of love, I just want to let you know that she passed away last week after a long dance with cancer.

For the past couple of months, she and my Dad had side by side hospital beds overlooking a beautiful pond at their house. Many family members have been on the scene and I was blessed to be there when she died.

Their’s was the perfect love story and a true inspiration for all touched by their marriage. I look forward to writing about it when I’m ready. She was holding his arm when the angels transitioned her body and escorted her soul back to Source.

Thank you to those of you who have helped hold the energy of love during this challenging time. My Dad is doing well, all things considered. He is a 92 year-old warrior of love and life. My first hero.

Enjoy your day with the angels and your loved ones near and far! 

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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  1. I want to thank-you for sharing your story about your mother’s passing. I know how that is since my mother and father passed 10 months between each other. Mom passed 1995 and father passed 1996. I still think about them both and talk to my father and mother from time to time and it helps me get through some bad days and stressful ones, too. So in closing my thoughts and prayers are with you, your dad, and others who are greaving and my sympathays are with you all. may GodBless and have a good weekend. Yours faithfully, virginia robles-garza

    1. Thank you dear Virginia! It’s been a challenging time but with faith in our divine connection, we are learning, growing and thriving.
      Blessings to you and yours…
      With love,
      Rev. Elvia

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