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Message from Archangel Michael

A message timely from Archangel Michael came through in a message I wrote for our Living with the Angels™ members last week and I’ve been guided to share it here with you.

May these words bring you peace, reassurance and grace.

Sweet earthlings,
Your struggle right now is multi-faceted and is sourced from the meeting between the ego and the higher truth. The appearance of a clashing, if you will.
Humanity is awakening and evolving into an existence that relies heavily on connection to Spirit. Where the high heart is truly taking the lead over the influences of fear.
So much of your world is not built to support this way of being. Past “structures” that are now outdated are crumbling and rupturing before your eyes.

Rev. Elvia is debating with me about this harsher choice of words and here’s my reasoning…
You can focus on the distraction, the crumbling, the eruptions, the chaos. And it will look that way, should you choose that perspective with all its harshness.
Another option, you can focus on what lies a level up from that.
Needed change. Humanity that is aware of its choices and takes responsibility for the past when systems were built during a time when sensitivity and awareness were not a priority.
Heart centered decision making.
Emphasis on the collective well-being and the other members of your earth family – the trees, flowers, bees, polar bears, blue birds, whales, earth/air/fire/water elements…
A conscious understanding of cause and effect, because humans will have sight into how their seemingly simple and mundane choices today will impact the world hundreds of years into the future.
Karma. A recognized, even honored, law.

As I share this, know that all is in perfect order. Nothing is broken that you need to fix. This is all part of the natural and divine progression of humanity.
Again, Rev. Elvia is debating me with these last sentences, because she feels the broken-ness, the falling of humanity.*
It is understandable as you bear witness to the upheaval and painful aftermath.
I am here to share that it’s simply not true, it’s part of your illusion.
Truth is Love. And there is no broken-ness in the realm of Love.
Remember Love and you are set free.
I am here. I am Yours. You are mine. We are One.
With love, Archangel Michael

*Okay, I wouldn’t have thought I held the belief of “humanity falling”, but apparently our friend Archangel Michael has picked up on a attached vibration I wasn’t aware of. Perhaps absorbed from the collective. We do that, you know – absorb the vibrations of beliefs from the collective. Hmmmm… tapping time.

So much love from my heart to yours…
xo Elvia

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