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Perfect Balance

The Autumnal Epuinox was at 11:44 EDT today and is a moment when all is in perfect balance…the days are equal length to the nights.

The message the angels are giving me is that this is a time when we can not only restore balance in our lives, but we can also easily maintain it. In the long winter months, it is easy to slip into darkness and stay there. In the bright of summer, it is no problem to release a sense of responsibility and ignore work that needs to be done.

The gift of this day, of this time of year, is that we can easily establish the routine and the pattern for maintaining perfect balance in our lives. The beautiful bumble bee who came into my life on Saturday (see post below) spoke to me about the importance of balance. She did live 😀 but it seems she had a close call. She was working so hard, she almost froze to death.

Celebrate this sacred time and look honestly at your life. Where does your balance need to be restored?

Angel hugs, Rev. Nina

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