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Stuck? or Temporarily Suspended?

It’s cold here in New England this morning. The wonderful weather people were predicting a low of 37 degrees last night and while it didn’t frost, it got quite nippy.

When I let our dogs out this morning, I noticed a large bumblebee on one of the sunflowers growing outside the back door. I was surprised, because it seemed too chilly for her to be out sucking pollen. As I got closer, I noticed that she wasn’t moving and I gently wiggled the petal to confirm.

Sunflower and Bee

Thoughts began running through my head (remember, signs in nature is one of the Angel’s favorite means of communication) and I began to wonder…is she dead? is she frozen and will later thaw and die? is this just a means of survival and when the sun hits the petal, she will revive and continue with her delicious process of gathering life from the enourmous bright flower? why wouldn’t she protect herself? or is she in truth, already protected and I’m assuming otherwise? was she so busy as a bee extracting that last morsel of nectar that she missed her chance to return safely to home? So many questions!

And then my beloved Peter offered to take a photo to share with you. In the brief time that he was outside, a little bee came up and “sniffed” the one who was there. He then proceeded to do his pollination dance. His lively presence ruled caused some of my theories to waver. Perhaps the larger she-bee has passed.

sunflower and pair of bees

Bees represent fertility and the honey of life. Is your work in balance? Are you enjoying life AND doing whatever you can to bring peace to our planet?

Tomorrow is International Peace Day. If everyone on the our Earth did their part to be peace, to create the space for only peace, we wouldn’t need a day dedicated to peace awareness. It would just be.

So there are 2 messages here…please ask yourself, what can you do to bring more peace into the your life, for it is with healing yourself that you heal the world. Perhaps foregoing a few errands, phone calls or emails would bring you more sweetness in life today.

And second, what can you do to bring more peace to the world, for it is with healing the world that you bring peace to yourself.  As above, so below. As within, so without.

Is this beautiful she-bee stuck? or is she simply suspended? Check in with your Angels and ask what is the message these bees have for you.

Enjoy your weekend with your Angels and Bee the Peace! 😆

Love, Rev. Nina

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