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Dispelling the anger…with Love


It’s only 7:51am and today has already tried to be “one of those days”. Do you see this divine creature above? She’s our cat, Cheetah. Isn’t she beautiful? She may look innocent, but don’t let looks deceive you! Hee! 😉

As sweet as she appears, it’s Saturday morning – a day that we can sleep a little late – and she decided that 5:50am was the waking hour – time to play. Following futile attempts to catch her (she’s named Cheetah for a reason), we piled pillows on top of our heads in an effort to dispel the noise of hissing, jumping and an all out game of tag with Fluffy who had come to join the fun. (I’m convinced there’s a secret language of cats and “party in the bedroom” was spread to all available beasts, because our neighbor’s dog Chloe seemed to reply to the call at about the same time Fluffy arrived.)

Anyways, our tactic worked…until it came time to use the litter box. Now it’s relatively easy to block out the noise, but covering the nose gets tricky when it comes to breathing. 

As I lay in bed trying to decide whether to give in and get up or try to get some more zzz’s, I found myself feeling more and more irked as the antics continued. Cheetah had pounced on my stomach the night before raising me out of a deep sleep with a yelp and my patience with her was wearing  thin.

But then I realized that this was a lesson from God. This was truly a gift given to me to dispel any anger that was beginning to surface. I can get quite protective of my sleep and when given a chance to sleep in a little, I take it. So this was a very effective way for the Angels to reach me. And I began to breathe. And I said, “thank you God”. And I continued to breathe, give thanks and send love to Cheetah. And as I lay half plugging my nose under two layers of pillows, I felt my irritation melt away and transform into Love. A white light descended and brought me peace. And I was able to doze for a bit. At least until an persistent mosquito tried to dine on my arm.

This weekend when situations come into your life that raise your blood pressure and cause you irritation. Stop. Breathe. Have gratitude. Share Love. And experience the magic that follows…

Blessings of sleepy Love, Rev. Nina

p.s. Cheetah’s sleeping peacefully next to me…do you think I should poke her? (Now there’s the mischievous fairy-elf coming through! 😆 ) 

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