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“My Dearest Nina, Let me begin by thanking you for changing my life in a profound way. When I first met you I was a lost and grief stricken woman searching for my way in life. A special force led me into your store and the rest has changed my life forever. I bought my first angel cards from Peter, holding them close to my heart to choose the right deck, not knowing how my life would unfold from that one deck of angel cards, and now knowing that miracles do happen. You invited me to your house where I met a group of women who thought like I did, whose mission in life was love and kindness, I had never experienced that before. From there I joined the ARCP [now ACS] and all the answers I was looking for were revealed to me. Although I didn’t know how I was going to pay for the program, I knew it was something I needed to do. In the beginning I was shy and unsure of revealing what I knew, thinking that the group would find me too different in my thoughts and beliefs, yet, it was totally the opposite. All I found was love, kindness and support. Through card readings I found the answers I was searching for. However, the greatest gift that I received from the ARCP [now ACS] was incredible friendships and friends who brought messages I so needed, and we had fun too! I had so much in common with many of the members, and our lives had many similarities; we were sisters, not in blood but in soul. I know that to be true, it is a feeling.
I am no longer the shy, unsure women I was; I feel strength in my purpose. Most of all, I want to thank you Nina, for your constant love and support. I am ever grateful for all you bring to the world and for helping me grow in a way I never thought I would. You are the Earth Angel.” Love, blessings and gratitude, Sandy, Franklin
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