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Sometimes guidance sucks

By now there’s a very good chance you know I love birthdays, an opportunity to reflect, honor and celebrate whoever – or whatever – is marking a solar return.

To this end, April has always been a big month here, now with AngelsTeach turning 14.

But not this year. Not April 2021.

No matter how much my heart has wanted to announce special offerings and gifts and whatever whimsical idea (think confetti) that I can for you to join me with a yippeee, the angels have reined it in.

You may have seen the special offer right now to join our Living with the Angels™ membership for just $0.88 for the first three months. I have a great email written to tell you all about it, but every time I login to send it, the angels whisper, “Not now. Not for a little while.”
And so I wait.

The cosmic pause button has been pressed.

Is it because of the pandemic? No.
Is it because I’ve had a bit of a Hashimoto’s autoimmune flareup? Not really.
Is it because people aren’t ready? Maybe a little bit.
Is it because I’m not clear on what to put out to you? No.
Is it because the hands on the clock of Divine Time haven’t clicked into place? 100% yes.

This makes me feel like I’ve thrown my kid an epic birthday party with pony rides and magicians and face painting and – of course – chocolate cake…but no one’s shown up.
Because the date on the invitation had the wrong month.

Sometimes, guidance is hard. And even sucks.
But…what I’ve learned from 14 years of doing this professionally and longer in my private life – is that clear guidance is always right.

And often, the reasons why aren’t shown to us until we get a little further down the path.

It can be easy to fall into the mindset that angel communication always leads us to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow while riding a shiney unicorn and wearing cozy jammies and fluffy bunny slippers – and many times that kind of euphoric joy is the experience – and sometimes it isn’t.

Ultimately, our angels are here to teach us. And we are here to learn so that the soul has opportunity to evolve.

To follow their guidance sometimes and not others…well, I that’s just not an option in my book.

So…thank you for your patience and continued support.
While I don’t have clarity on all the reasons the angels are hitting that pause button, I do trust it.

Peter and I had a conversation about Purpose last weekend over in our Divine Order of the Sacred Rose venue. As you are inspired, click on the image below and have a listen.

Until next time…
xo Elvia

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful world of Angel’s Teach!! I have learned much and have come a long way within a year. I appreciate you, all the gifts you share, all the nuggets of wisdom, and your amazing insight and teachings. I am now better prepared for this journey of life. Thank you Dear Lady.

    1. Dear Jeanette, you are such a bright light in this world! Shining regardless of all that’s going on in your life. Thank you for sharing and you are most welcome. The pleasure is truly all mine. Love, hugs and boatloads of blessings 😇
      xo Elvia

  2. I so enjoy your offerings! I look forward to my Angel card pick every morning and it is right on. I have my favorite cards and the ones I hate! That kiss the frog makes me go uhg! But it doesn’t lie. The card showing the ditch with some kind of mayhem also makes me go nooooo! But the one that makes me cuss at it is the bunny tracks! I wondered if you did a card pick for your April disappointment? Did you pick the bunny tracks? Your predicament is universal. No matter how gifted we are the bottom line is we must make friends with the unknown. No immediate bloom, doesn’t mean the seed planted this lovely Spring was a dud. I think it’s a teaching moment to remind us that despite our intentions we are only the messenger to a higher plan. This is specially helpful for those who serve by giving readings or pulling cards for others. We are so committed to being helpers and pleasers that we can be tempted to answer rather than disappoint. I think when a Psychic is ok with telling a client, pressing for more, more is not available, it serves the unknown. When we are so intent on knowing, we can forget to respect the unknown, without guilt or self flogging. I have met gifted people who overthink a non answer as a sign of their failure but it is not! Keep it real lovely Elvia! BLESSINGS!

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