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Tapping (EFT)…with the Angels

Tapping, also known as EFT and Emotional Freedom Techniques, is all the rage right now and with good reason. It’s a simple and powerfully effective technique that you can do anywhere. The only things you need are: your intention to heal, awareness of what you want to release, safe space to “let it out”, and your hands.

Many times when a client comes to me, they feel their issues are with a specific area. What they may not be able to see is that this issue could be connected to another area that needs to heal first.

For example, if a woman is having trouble with her supervisor who’s been making her feel poorly about herself, we may need to look at the core reasons why she’s allowed this in the first place. Perhaps her mother treated her with disrespect, or she had an abusive boyfriend that left emotional wounds.

When I facilitate tapping – either in a group or with a person one-on-one, I always call upon my angels to guide me intuitively because they lead me to where the true release needs to happen. This may, or may not, be where the the client thought we’d start.

The result – not always, but often – healing that touches upon a broader, deeper issue that fundamentally changes how a person engages in the world.

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