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[3 Tips] Asking the Angels for What You Want

Today was the last of our 9-Day Manifest with the Angels Prayer Event. What a phenomenal experience and a true honor for us to serve you in this way!

We covered a lot of territory talking about the manifestation process and if you missed it, no reason why you can’t start now and participate by recording. 🙂  Click HERE for the event page


As we explained during these last 9 days, prayer and angel communication are inextricably linked – you just can’t separate them. When we pray, we ask from the depths of our souls and then we must know how to communicate with the angels so that we know how to listen and follow their guidance.

As we prepare to dig into the why’s, what’s and how’s of angel communication in the coming months, today I’d like to wrap up our focus on prayer and share three core takeaways.

3 Tips for Asking the Angels for What You Want:

  1. Be clear with what you’re asking to make manifest. Choose words that speak to love over fear and feel good in your heart. If your prayer is still evolving, be gentle with yourself because sometimes clarity takes time and can be a process.
  2. Dedicate yourself fully to your spiritual evolution and state your prayer at least once/day. Even if all the words aren’t there yet, the truth of your prayer lives in your soul and its energy is accessible as you focus on it with your heart. (Note: there is no end date to this daily prayer, there is only an evolution of the prayer request itself once the goal is reached and your prayer is made manifest. Then it’s time for your new prayer request!)
  3. Lastly, once your prayer is released through your words and your focus each day, let go and allow the Universe do its job. It can be counterproductive to keep trying to figure out how to make your goals happen. When you do this, your energy is telling the angels that you don’t trust their process and this can create interference. Instead, step back and let your prayer be done by the angels.

Use your tools to stay stapled to the unfolding path of your heart and may the prayers of your soul be done by the angels.

And so it is!

Until next time…
Enjoy your day with the angels!

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