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Archangel Michael and the Florida Shootings

Angel hugs, dear earth angels,
The pain in our collective hearts is palpable as we process the high school shooting in Florida this past week.

Questions such as…
How could this happen?
How could it have been prevented?
And many more…rise to the surface.
So many emotions.

As I was preparing my email for today, I was tapped on the shoulder by Archangel Michael to deliver a message for us all. Here’s what came through…

Dear ones,

This is a time of great change on your Planet Earth. With this swift and far-reaching change, there is upheaval and there is turmoil.

The young souls struggle the most as they strive to make sense of it all. And I don’t mean young by earth body standards, but by the age of the soul which is different. It is the old souls who have perspective and have experienced this kind of evolution before. If you are struggling or see others in pain, bare in mind that these events have happened before and will happen again, so do what you can to pray and learn from it.

It is impossible to reconcile the actions of one troubled individual and understand all the dynamics that we are able to see from the angelic realm.

As with all tragic situations, there is unification that follows. People come together and there is revived purpose behind the decisions that feed into the future.

Decisions around parenting, weapons, societal support, spiritual commitment, and all those choices that determine the kind of world you wish for your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, …

Three things I would like to emphasize today:

  1. Yes, this was a tragedy. Give it purpose and allow your emotions the space to process. Be gentle. You are human.
  2. Honor the souls who’ve passed on and see the greater gift that’s been given. Go forward to speak your truth and defend love, however that looks to you.
  3. Be the Lightworker you are here to be and spread the love through random and extreme acts of kindness and compassion. With each action seated in love, fear has a lesser role.

Before passing judgment, remember that it’s impossible to walk in anyone else’s shoes completely enough to know how their reality feels for them.

You have a squadron of angels who are here to support you with every aspect of life, including what it means for you to process tragedy and still know how to be a beacon of light.

You are so much stronger and wiser than you know.

With love and eternal blessings,

Archangel Michael.

I pray this has brought you some comfort and that you are feeling the support of your angels.

Until next time…

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