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Who (or what) is guiding you?

Who is it that guides you through each day, dear earth angel?

Or perhaps I should ask, “What guides you?”

Is it your drive for more?

Is it your need to put food on the table? A sense of survival?

Is it a fear of not fitting in, of being rejected?

And if the Who fits, then is it your dead grandmother encouraging you to stand strong or your deceased BFF whispering, “Remember 3rd grade when Sally pulled your hair and told you how awkward you are? Don’t ever allow that embarrassment happen again!”

Or maybe, just maybe…Is it your angels with messages enshrouded in love who are encouraging you to be your best you?


If you’re like most people, your answer is a combination of the above.

In any given moment, you may be led by a fear, an inspiration, a deceased loved one, an angel. It will all depend upon the emotions that are triggered for you in that moment and what happens to your focus – whether you stay in alignment with grace, or not.

Whatever your unique situation, the energies of the who’s and what’s are the authority with your decision making process.

Seems logical, yes?

What is so often overlooked is the power that these influences have over us and the importance of being very clear with your intention of who/what is leading the way moment to moment, day to day, week to week, year to year.

We all start somewhere, so wherever you are right now – trust that it’s perfect!

Let me share an example…

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I was terrified to appear in public. I was scared to write, to speak, to BE in the public eye.

My fears of failure and rejection drove my choices and I allowed my true self to remain hidden. I believed that if no one ever saw me, no one could criticize me, call me names, or worse – dislike me.

So I stayed in my cave.

Trust me. It was warm and cozy in that cave, complete with a blazing fire, nice bottle of wine and wi-fi.

After a while, I grew aware of something missing. As my ability to consciously connect with my angels got stronger, I became restless. I began to peek outside the cave door and explore the deep yearning in my heart to get “out there.” To do my work.

As I prayed, the angels took me firmly by the hand and led me along my path. This strengthened my faith muscle and helped me muster up some courage.

So I took a step. I started teaching in person.

An amazing thing happened. I learned that I didn’t suck as a teacher. My students actually loved what I had to teach, to say.

So I took another step. I started teaching via phone and internet to folks around the world. Again, my students loved what I had to teach, to say.

I began writing more. More positive responses.

Wow…it’s as if my fears of failure and rejection had no merit. My angels actually knew what they were doing!

Yes, I was surprised. Yes, I also know I needn’t have been because groundless fears are never right and the angels are never wrong.

This is part of evolving through the human experience…learning to follow the who and/or the what that is leading us along the highest path of love and compassion. Learning to ignore, even deny, the influences that are encouraging us to live small, to think small, to be small.


You are BIG, dear one! Each time you follow the guidance of your angels and push through fears, you change the patterns of thought around the globe.

Like the butterfly effect, your love choices are fed back into the collective conscious and take us one step closer to a peaceful, highly evolved planet.

And if you are one of those beautiful souls saying, “Darn, I wish I could just get this!” Fear not…all is in divine order. You are right where you need to be. Let go of harsh thoughts, forgive yourself and pledge to listen more closely to your angels.


Here’s a little something from the angels and me to help…

Prayer for Clarity

Dear angels,
Help me to hear your messages more completely.
Make your guidance clear and obvious so that I cannot miss a whisper of your wisdom.
Be with me throughout this day and guide me every step of the way.
Thank you my winged beloveds!
And so it is… 


Enjoy this beautiful, glorious day with the angels!

Until next time…

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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