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The Universe is strategic…so are your Angels

My dear earth angels,

Health, wealth and love…the “Big 3”.

These juicy elements of our existence are largely what define us. The essence of life we vibrate, the abundance we are able to manifest, the love we are capable of giving – and receiving. When we’re flowing in alignment with our destiny around these Big 3, life feels complete. There is no itch to scratch, because there is nothing that needs to change. When any one of these areas is off, we’re keen to find the fix, find the cure.

We may find ourselves searching.

Because we want answers, we’re asking for change. When we aren’t healthy, we ask how we can become healthy. When we’re struggling financially, we want to understand how we can become financially successful. When we’re lonely or in a relationship that doesn’t nurture, we ask for companionship and unconditional love.

Truth…the “big 3” are our most magnificent guideposts for alignment with life purpose and when off, simply suggesting a course correction or adjustment of strategy or mindset.

A few months ago I had a run in with our bank account. I handle the bills in our household and I messed up and missed a debit. We had the money elsewhere, but I hadn’t set things up correctly. This sent me into a tizzy and all those scripts kicked in… “You just can’t get your act together, can you?”, “Will you ever fix this dance with money?” “What the ____ is wrong with you?”

My energy was spinning so I asked the angels to help bring me back to center. I pulled a card…Meditate. So I did.

Before I sit in meditation, I typically pull a card or read an excerpt from a book. On this particular day, I was guided to the book “Embrace Your Magnificence” by Fabienne Fredrickson. The section I was led to was “The Universe is Strategic”.

The 3 paragraphs that hit me with a 2×4 was…

“By saying yes to your life purpose, you become a warrior for the universe. You transform yourself into a vessel through which good things are done for the greater whole. When you do, you will feel an all-encompassing meaning and fulfillment for your life. You will recognize the magnificence that comes by virtue of being an empty vessel for Source to do its work through you.

“From this place of service, you get rewarded in ways you could never imagine. When you follow your purpose, all the meaning, fulfillment, money, recognition, security, abundance, appreciation, and everything you were seeking before naturally come to you.

“The more you serve your purpose, the more the universe rewards you. The more you align with your purpose in service of others and the greater whole, the more opportunities you receive. You are literally being rewarded for a job well done.”

~Fabienne Fredrickson, Embrace Your Magnificence

I understood much of this before I read it, but the concepts hadn’t fully reached my heart. What I realized in my meditation that followed was that money is a guidepost for life purpose. When there’s a blip (big or little) with money, something’s off and the angels are sending a message. With my overdraft, the angels were sharing that my commitment to my purpose isn’t complete. I wasn’t all in.

Of course that had to change, and change it has. What the angels helped me understand is that when we say YES! to our purpose – to doing what we LOVE and with commitment body and soul, everything we need appears. The health, the wealth and the love. As it’s meant to be and aligned with the soul.

Enjoy this beautiful, glorious day with the angels!

Until next time…
xo Elvia

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  1. Thank you Elvia. I agree it is good to reflect on alignment, where the focus is. Someone told me once ‘follow your heart and the money will follow’. I think flow happens when we are in alignment and engaged in something that inspires us, captures our attention, mind and heart.

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