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A bird in the hand…

Birds have been very prevalent in my reality of late, showing up in various ways always at just the right time. A few days ago, I walked down to our Peace yard to do my morning yoga and I found an empty bird’s nest on the ground. Concerned about any babies that may have been displaced, I looked around for signs of birdies in distress – there were none. So I picked up the nest for a closer look. It was made from grass and sticks. Inside, it was lined with the fur from our husky who sheds furiously each spring. Peter and I concluded that the feathered parents must have decided that Koji’s fur would keep their babies cozy and warm. It is a strikingly beautiful demonstration of nature. (Of course with a loving message for me about our own “nest” that has had more and more “empty” moments with our 15 and 18 year old babies.)

Two days later as we sat on the terrace drinking our morning tea, we watched our husky dog who was captivated by a bird in the mass of wisteria on the fence. Believing that birds can easily get away, we didn’t feel any need to take action. And then the adolescent bird took flight…only long enough to be snatched midair by the intent wolf-dog. I ran to rescue the bird, but it was too late.

The irony of this story is that it’s entirely possible that the aniimal that provided the fur and kept the baby bird comfortable came from the same animal that later killed it. A clear cycle of how raw nature operates. There is no attachment, only primal instinct…to nurture, and then act on what comes most naturally. For Koji, who is actually a very loving dog, it’s killing small animals, chickens, and sometimes wounding sheep (but that’s a story for another day!).

In pondering the message, Peter channeled that the relationship between our wolf-dog and the bird was a dance of their souls that was a pure and unfettered display of nature. There was nothing wrong with what happened, Sad, yes, but wrong, no. And so I forgive dear Koji for her killer instinct. And I forgive myself for the guilt that perhaps I should have gotten involved with the bird-dog dance sooner. I also forgive myself for times that I perhaps act on instinct and it may appear to others as primal or uncaring (this is the shadow side of what Koji mirrored for me).

The message for you here today, is to look upon what you see as violent, unfair, or unappealing, as a simple display of nature. Open your heart to compassion and understand that what is taking place has a higher purpose that perhaps may not be realized today, or even tomorrow. But maybe next week, or next year. Forgive yourself and everyone involved. It’s ALL good!

Be Well!
Much Love,
Rev. Nina and Your Angels

From Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards

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