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A rose by any other name …

Are you living your self in this lifetime? Truly living the experience you were born into in physical body to have. I believe that we all come to this planet to have one or more experiences for the growth and education of our souls, and that our souls lend their experiences to the greater collective. I also believe that we a gifted with situations, people around us and an energetic design to support those experiences we are designed to have. There is a tool of understanding that I teach about called Human Design. I like to call it the Angelic BluePrint because I feel like it is a gift from up above. Understanding your own BluePrint can help you understand what experiences you are designed to have and how to live to make the most of them.

I was born into this lifetime to have experiences that teach me about love. As part of that I was born into body with a design called the Incarnation cross of the Vessel of Love. As I look back on my life I cannot help but see this path, almost a yellow brick road of sorts, that has led me from one experience to another. 

I was born the 6th child to some very loving and supportive parents. My mother was nurturing and loving and my father supportive and caring,  but also a bit stern if I strayed out of line. My siblings were loving too but most were quite a bit older than me and at times it was almost like being an only child.  When I was 7 we moved to a new house being built and due to a contractor defaulting on the construction we wound up with 5 of us living in a small trailer. I remember my father speaking at a church dinner and he used me as an example. He spoke about that despite our world being a bit upside down, I would go to sleep each night with my arm wrapped around our dog Flossie. “That is pure love”, he said.

Six years later at age 13 my universe turned upside down as my parents died in a plane crash.  This part of my journey was to learn about loss of love and carrying on the torch of inner love. My siblings rallied around and I had several options for living arrangements. I chose to move to Rhode Island to live with my oldest brother Jon, whose own family was just under way with his wife and two boys age 4 months and 3 years. I went from the youngest to oldest getting another opportunity for a different kind of love. My nephews went on to call me their uncle-brother. Before I moved out east my Jr. High school threw me a going away party. My football coach who was a bit of a tuff guy with a tender heart gave me a football inscribed ” To a little man with a big heart.” 

At 21 I fell in love with my twin flame Nina. We had known each other as friends for 3 years, had dated a couple of times  and were living with a group of friends in Boston for the summer. During the days we would paint houses for work. At the end of that summer my romance with Nina blossumed but I also lost my brother Jerry to cancer. It was a bittersweet time for me.

In the ensuing years Nina and I have raised 2 wonderful children. The years have been filled with lots of love and joy, with the trials and challenges of raising children, staying healthy in relationship, and healing the wounds of loss of my parents and brother. Through it all I have had this well of Love inside me. Bubbling up from the design I was gifted with. It’s a constant reminder to me what I have come here for. In the joy of happiness it is sweet and fragrant and in the throws of loneliness and sorrow it is bitter. But it was a gift and despite all that is to come I will carry it with thankfulness that I was given this great gift to guide my life.

I somtimes wonder if my email signoff,” Love, Peace and Light” perhaps makes some people uncomfortable. However if I didn’t put that I wouldn’t be being me. Love is what I am here to do. Understanding Human design has helped me to look back on my life, and see in the quotes of others  that they recognized my design maybe before I did. It is not something I can deny.

So as this new year approaches I suggest to you that you live your design. You were given a gift and you can use it, or run from it. You can find out more about it through Human design, Meditation and self contemplation or other spiritual counseling or coaching. But we are here to do something. We all have a role in the band. All the roles are important as without everyone the puzzle doesn’t fit together. My role is Love. What’s Yours?

Love, Peace and Light,

And in this case a Rose by any other name is just “The Roe’s” 😉

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