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Angel Lesson #1: Where it all begins…

Many thanks to those of you who completed the recent survey. I got the message loud and clear that my beloved AngelsTeach peeps want more education…

I love it and I’m on it! 

Once a month, I will be sharing a special Angel Lesson intended to help you plug more deeply into your angelic connection. 🙂


We’re going to start this series of Angel Lessons at a place that is absolutely essential if you really want to experience success in your relationship with your angels…and with life, really.

And I know you do, dear one, because I know you want all that’s good and destined for you.

So where does it all begin? With prayer.

Now I know for some of you “prayer” is a loaded word. For others, you’re wondering, “How does that fit?”

Let me explain.

The angels have insisted for a while now that prayer = commitment to a decision.

It took me a while to fully shift into this truth, but since I have, the magic has unleashed.

You see, when you say a prayer that’s aligned with your heart + soul, you’re making a request of your angels, of God. You’re deciding what you need and making those needs known to the Universe.


Think about this for a moment in more practical terms with an analogy.

Let’s say…it’s a beautiful, sunny summer day (it’s subzero degrees with winds howling, so I’m fantasizing here!)

You’re standing on the diving board at the pool and trying to decide whether you want to dive or jump off. Part of you wants to jump. Part of you wants to try a new diving move. You’re not 100% clear about which choice to make.

But you take the steps, head to the end of the board and leap anyway.

What happens? A belly flop. A painful, smacking belly flop. Why? Because you didn’t make up your mind and hung out in lala land too long.

When you “sorta kinda pray, you get a sorta kinda response” which translates to: not much. Or a stinging belly. 

When you pray as if it’s a decision you’ve made in your heart + soul…when you pray with clarity, determination and as much faith as you can muster – your prayers will be answered.

It’s not whether (or not) your prayers will be answered, it’s a matter of when.


Prayer begins and ends with two steps.

Step Oneget clear about what you’re asking for. To satisfy your angels, make sure it’s coming from your heart + soul because manifestations of the ego (like a new Mercedes Benz in the driveway) are not the jurisdiction of the angels. (There is a caveat to the Benz, but we’ll save that for another time 😉 )

First, know what you want.

Step Twomake the decision – with every cell of your being – that your request, your prayer is made manifest. Find that place within you energetically, where you can feel the prayer as your truth, as already created. Hold yourself in this space for at least a few moments every day. I like to do this in the morning as the sun is rising and shining its strength upon us. 

This exercise creates on the spiritual plane of existence, which is where the manifestation process begins. As you continue to hold your prayer as your truth, it works its way down through the lower vibrations of the mental and emotional planes, eventually reaching the denser physical realm.

Watch the shifts that begin to happen as you commit yourself to this practice. Little by little, step by step,… observe the changes that are occuring for you.

And if it happens that your prayer isn’t showing up in the phsyical plane right away, your continued faith and commitment guarantee that it will happen – so don’t give up. Ever!

Remember, the manifestation of a prayer is often reliant on other people and/or circumstances. You may not see any evidence until it is time for someone else to take their next step. Hence – all in divine time!

So second, decide that your request is already made manifest. 


Prayers are often closed with the words “Amen” or “Blessed Be” or “And so it is”. All of these phrases are designed to seal the deal and make a commitment to the spoken prayer. They tell the world that you have made the decision that this prayer is your truth.

So are you ready to pray for perfect, clear and open communication with your angels, my dear earth angel?

Together, let’s rock 2015 and go further with our angels than ever imagined!


I pray these words have helped you… And so it is.

Until next time…

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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  1. Love it. I do try to start and end my day in prayer. My goal is to stay in constant prayer.. Thank you for sharing.
    Peace and love,

    1. What a wonderful goal to embrace Bonnie! Good for you – you’re an inspiration for many I’m sure!
      Rev. Elvia

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