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AngelsTeach Meditation CD Samples

Recorded Meditations by Rev. Nina Roe

Everyday Angel Meditations CD Samples

Awakening Angels – In this inspirational 12 minute meditation, Rev. Nina Roe guides you to cleanse your body, mind, spirit and connect with your angels to bring you to a place of inner peace and spiritual growth. This short guided journey is a perfect way to start your day by connecting with your Angels. MP3 download.

Sample [audio:AwakeningAngels_sample.mp3]

Breathe Gratitude – When we breathe gratitude about everything in our lives the world takes on a new focus with reduced stress and increased appreciation. Take this 11 minute journey with Rev. Nina and see your view on life change for the better. Available as instant download.

Sample [audio:BreathingGratitudeMeditation_sample.mp3]

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Human Design Meditation CD Samples

This is a 12 track CD where Rev. Nina navigates you through a relaxed and cleansing meditation of your 9 Human Design Centers. Feel refreshed and energized after taking this 45 minute meditation.



Sample 1 [audio:HD-one_sample.mp3]

Sample 2 [audio:HD-four_sample.mp3]

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