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Anger and Angels

There’s a myth out there that if you think only positive thoughts you will live happily ever after. And to that I say, No!!

We are so much more than just our thoughts. Energetically speaking, if you drew a rectangle that’s 2″ x 1″ and that rectangle represented your entire energetic being – your body, your mind and all of your spirit, your consciousness would be one dot within that rectangle.

Yup, that’s it…all of your experiences, limiting belief systems, points in your life where you were energetically affected in some way (think back to a memory that stands out when you were a child), make up all of who you are. If you simply try to smile away the yucky stuff that lies in your subconscious, it doesn’t go away because it’s one small teensy spot on the map of all that you are. It just gets buried and covered up even more.

Yes! Positive thoughts are an essential practice to work towards, but it is with allowing and acknowledging ALL of your feelings that they have a transformational effect.

For example, I admit I’ve been angry recently. This is a first for me to really face my anger head on, but I embrace it as the powerful change agent that I know it is. What am I angry about?  A few different things, but mostly about the state of our planet. How could we allow so much destruction and violence? How could we get to a point where we are so self-involved and materialistic that we care more about ourselves than our home, Mother Earth? Why aren’t more people doing something to create change?

Anger as I said is the impetus to change, so this is my invitation to ask myself, “Am I doing everything I can myself? Am I doing everything I can to inspire others to create change?” As I acknowledge my anger and use it constructively to fuel my mission with passion, I hear the Angels singing and applauding. Of course, if I hold it in and don’t put that energy into motion in a positive direction, then they cry. If I were to ever become violent (really not an option!)…but if I were, they would cringe.

The Angels want us to use our anger and create positive change for anger is at the base of passion. So I ask you, what are you angry about? What needs your passion?

Happy November!

Love, Rev. Nina

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