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Are You Mad at God?

Anger, resentment, bitterness. Such powerful emotions.

Emotions that always create change. The question is, “What type of change?”

During last week’s Surrender to the Flow of Your Destiny call (replay link below), one of our leaders Dawn Pinke Anderson spoke about grief. She mentioned that the “little things” that affect us deeply are often an indication of “bigger things” begging to be healed.

For example…

Anger about a friend showing up for a coffee date 15 minutes late may stem from feelings of abandonment rooted in childhood.

Resentment that your co-worker was promoted before you could trigger unresolved sibling rivalry.

Bitterness that your neighbors just bought a shiny new car and you’re still driving a 10-year old hand-me-down, may trace all the way back to listening to your parents bicker about all that was lacking in their marriage.

While themes may overlap, the roots for your healing dear one, will always be unique to you. It usually goes back to some form of feeling that God hasn’t served you well. That the Creator hasn’t stepped up to the plate on all fronts.

A more common occurance than many would care to admit for fear that these feelings are blasphemous – getting mad at God.

Thankfully, God and our angels are ever forgiving. They want nothing more than for us to feel their love, wisdom and grace.

This necessitates shining the light of the truth of our feelings – no matter how dark, murky and darned right nasty they may feel.


We are blessed to be alive during this profoundly energetic era. On Wednesday, the four planets Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto will create what is known as a Cardinal Cross forming right angles to each other.

I am far from knowledgeable about astrology (at least in this lifetime), but I do read energy well and the heavens right now are ripe for change.

I love knowing that these planets are doing their cosmic dance, because it only validates what so many of us are sensing here on planet Earth.

This divine alignment is pushing, pulling and working 24/7 to straighten us out, to get us “in right order.”

That can send the ego into a swirling zone of craziness, creating just about every stinky emotion you can think of.

Especially, so sayeth my angels, anger, resentment and bitterness.


It’s time to take the raw energy behind these emotions and redirect it for the higher good.

Make anger your new invitation to fight for a cause you believe in.

Invite resentment to open your heart to hurt…perhaps reaching out through love in unexpected ways.

Bless the bitterness by allowing it to simply highlight all that you DO have in your life and help another in need. Remember, we can’t see the light without the dark.


A short message from Archangel Raphael…

“This time on your planet’s journey of evolution is one of great significance.

It is your commitment to healing your inner world that you heal your world around you. By healing your world around you, you affect change for all of life on Earth.

This is an impossible concept for your ego mind to understand, so let go of that expectation.

Trust instead, what lies deeper within your Being, within your cells for that is where there is true understanding. That is where you know the difference between fear and love.

Choose love and you will never be disappointed again.

Ever yours, Archangel Raphael”


If you didn’t get a chance to partake, perhaps last week’s event will help facilitate your healing. To listen to the replay of Surrender to the Flow of Your Destiny, visit:


Open your heart dear one and ask your angels to help you heal whatever hurts are plaguing you.

Now is the time.

You are safe in the arms of love!


With love and deep faith in you,

Rev. Elvia

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  1. IM heart broken i didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to someone very dear to me. At the exact time they were passing i was huddled on floor sweating heavily and my stomach felt like it was shrinking. I know in sensitive and always connect to some one in close to in times of trouble. Is what i felt the pain they felt when passing or were they tring to tell me something in confused.

    1. Dear Theresa,
      I would say you were definitely connected to your loved ones’ process of transition. Hearing you have a gift for this and not to deny it. I certainly understand that you’re upset that you weren’t able to connect physically…as you embrace your gifts more deeply, you will feel their energy with intensity.
      Be blessed my dear and know that you are loved!
      Rev. Elvia

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