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Ever feel clouds of confusion descend upon you, dear one? 

Things may be going along swimmingly, you’re excited about what you’re doing and then…fog.

I recently posted on Facebook…

If you can’t make the decision to do something…it’s not time…or the right thing to do. Breathe, wait and pray for clarity. It’s all in divine order. Been reminding myself this a lot lately!

The message got quite a bit of traffic and made me realize how many of us can feel stuck, efforts thwarted and/or simply uninspired.

We, the Lightworkers and healers of the world, know we’re here to create positive change and sometimes it’s just like…whaaaat?

I’ve been in a standoff with my angels. (Wink. ;)… I jest, because a feud with the angels only has one result…ultimate surrender!)

A few weeks back I said to them, “I’m not going to email my peeps until you give me clarity about how to guide AngelsTeach through the remainder of 2014. Make clear my next steps – please!” I demanded.


With a new stake in the ground, a few things started to happen…

First, I had a major aha! about how my energy works best through Human Design.

Forgive me for digressing into Human Design for a moment. I know many of you are fans, so I’ll share but be brief for those of you who have know idea what I’m talking about (you can check out for info if you’re curious.)

With an undefined Identity Center, I’d previously believed that with proper prayer, I can receive all the direction I need. I don’t have to be around folks with a defined Identity Center to give me direction, I just need to intend to align with the Identity of God.

Turns out, this was a flawed working assumption…

My mother has a very defined Identity Center and my husband and daughter do as well. Translation – for most of my life I have been physically in the energy of the defined Identity Center, energy which is key for providing direction in life. I have been able to “borrow” this definition pretty much on demand, without even realizing it. It’s kind of like I think I have this energy, but I really don’t.

Living on our own now…on days when Peter is at work and I am alone at the house, if I don’t have very specific tasks to do, I can easily get lost…like a boat without a rudder…wandering… wondering what to do next.

Enter my aha! as my beloved angels exclaimed…”Get out!” 

They continued, “While prayer and intention is essential, you must BE in the physical presence of people with a healthy identity to feel the sense of direction you need. Let us guide you to locations where you will receive this.”

Sooooo… I’ve been making efforts to get out, see friends and bring my work to coffee shops. All has helped. 🙂 


Second, my angels told me I need to go deeper into my relationship with them. While my communication with them is strong, there is a new layer to discover.

As Ernest Holmes wrote, “We can never completely fathom the Infinite Mind: we shall always be discovering new lands. Consequently, evolution is an eternal unfoldment of the more yet to be.”

How to do this?

The angels assignment is to dedicate an hour a day in communion – doing whatever they guide me to do. Yesterday and today it involved painting, reading, journaling, prayer and dipping my toes in the ocean.

Tomorrow? Not sure what they have in store.

What I will say is that I’ve already begun to notice a difference. Things are flowing more easily and the angelic guidance is clearer. Hooray for clarity!


Ernest Holmes also wrote, “The Spirit can give us only what we can take; It imparts of Itself only as we partake of Its nature. It can only tell us what we can understand.” 

I recently explained to a client, the angels’ guidance is ALWAYS there. It never goes away, it’s just blocked from sight. What obstructs or confuses it are emotions and fears begging to be dealt with as well as a mind and heart waiting to be opened.

We have to be active participants in the receiving process for our angelic guidance. It’s not something that just happens in its entirety, end of story. What we receive with clarity is directly proportional to the efforts we make to clear the path… and listen.


Tomorrow I will be announcing a very special upcoming event. Please watch your inbox as we intend to inspire and delight you with boatloads of angel love! 

With love and clarity of my deep faith in you,

Rev. Elvia

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