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Message from Archangel Michael…(and free event!)

Hello dear earth angels,

So many folks are struggling right now. Moreso these last 6-8 months than in the past decade, it seems.

I’ve been chatting with my angels to learn more about why this is and how I can do my part to ease the challenges and instill a sense of faith and belief that all is in divine order.

What’s interested is that the challenges aren’t all the same.

Some earth angels are facing financial blocks, others relationship difficulties, others health and some career. Some are dealing with several of these scenarios.

The common denominator among the folks I’ve encountered seems to be heightened sensitivity.

In other words, it appears the Lightworker community – those of us who are especially sensitive to the energy of the planet – are getting blasted.

This is no surprise when you stop and think about it. There’s a lot of pain and heartache out there that hurts, and it’s not getting decidedly better…yet. 

This is also good news because it gives us direction and helps us understand how we can co-create positive and lasting change for ourselves and for the planet as a whole.


Archangel Michael is chiming in with a message for us all…

Dear ones,

It is with great sympathy and compassion that I acknowledge all you are handling on a cellular level as you collectively lead your planet through this change.

You know that change has been in the air for eons. Yes, energy is always in motion, but you are at the top of an upward swing of the pendulum of change and are starting to head back down towards the center point.

As you pick up speed with this new transition, it is essential that you align with the forces of love and group together in community.

You are setting the stage for what is next in the history of your Earth.

Align with Love – and that is your destiny.

Align with Fear – and that is your destiny.

And by destiny – this is not just your personal path, but that of the collective.

This is a time for you to find those like-minded souls – those who will hold you to a higher standard and remind you of the love that heals all things.

BE in friendship with those who see that love, joy and abundance are a mindset that is yours as you accept these qualities of life into your heart.

Let go of those relationships that hold you back and keep you stapled to beliefs rooted in fear.

This is a time for courage. A time for you to step forward as a leader of the new earth.

This is a time for you to show the world that love is the only true, lasting, necessary expression from one human being to any other life form.

This is a time for truth.

Ever yours,

Archangel Michael.


This is the card that has come forward in response to Archangel Michael’s message for us all. Sooooo cool! And if you ever doubt how loved we are… 🙂



I have been guided to host a public healing circle with some of our AngelsTeach Teachers to do a group reading and healing in support of this transition.

It is with surrendering to the flow of your own destiny that you transition into the divine role you play for all of humanity.

Please mark your calendars and join us as you are inspired…

Title: Surrender to the Flow of Your Destiny
Time: Thursday, April 17th at 8:00pm Eastern
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
To attend, submit a question on this topic or listen to the recording after the event is over, visit:  //

Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 919236#


With love and deep faith in you,

Rev. Elvia

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