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Calling all lovers of astrology

Hello dear earth angels,

First, thank you for all the beautiful messages, prayers and sharings in response to my article last week, In Memory…. While I have not had opportunity to respond to each one, please know that I have read them all and am humbled by your outpouring of love. I am honored and blessed to be in company with you – please feel this gentle hug of gratitude and love from me. 🙂 <3


I am so excited to share with you a FREE event taking place this month: The Guardian Planets of Astrology Telesummit.

There’s something about this particular event that feels super inspiring and so well timed. If you agree and it resonates with you, I do pray you register.

A group of expert Astrologers are coming together to help you discover how the planets and asteroids can act as a Guardian presence in your life, helping you to unlock your divine potential.

My colleague Kim Wilborn (who interviewed me last year for the Guardian Gateway Telesummit) along with several professional Astrologers will show you how to relate to the powerful energies of the planets and other celestial bodies in a way that empowers and enlivens you.

There’s no cost to attend, and even if you can’t attend the talks live, you’ll get access to each replay for 48 hours.

I cordially invite you to be my guest at this life-changing event. You’ll learn how creating a new relationship with the Guardian energies of the planets can help you:

  • access support & guidance
  • discover & make the most of your personal strengths
  • create balance in your life & your activities
  • get in sync with the timing that’s right for you

Click HERE or on the image above to register and join the starry fun!


Featured guests and topics:

Gregory Scott: The Enlightening Sun 
Yasmin Boland: The Moon in Your Chart & in the Sky
Donna Woodwell: Living in a Mercurial World
Cayelin Castell: The New Venus Cycle and the Return of the Grandmother Goddess – Revamping the Rules
Jessica Shepherd: Raise Your Attraction IQ with Venus 
Jodie Cara Lindley: Mars- The Cosmic Warrior of Personal Power
Madeline Gerwick: Jupiter: Expand Your Awareness!
Kelly Surtees: Saturn’s Wisdom: Respect, Responsibility, Ritual
Kathy Biehl: Uranus – The Cosmic Change Agent
Annie Botticelli: Neptune – The Spiritualizer
Deva Green: Pluto – How to awaken our Soul’s potential/The evolutionary journey of the Soul 
Jean Wiley: The Soulful Process of Clearing and Creating with Chiron
Mark Jones: The Healing Power of Astrology
Lisa Allen: Pallas-Athena – Jupiter’s Brainchild (Literally!)
Lesley Francis: Ceres – Mother, Provider, Transformer
Kathy Kerston: Harnessing the Heavens with EFT – How to use Planetary Energies with Tapping to Manifest Your Dreams
Nadiya Shah: The North Node: Gateway to Evolution
Kim Wilborn: The Planets as Guardians
…and more!


The telesummit will take place March 17-28, 2014, with free 48-hour replays for every call.

If you would like to partner with the planets to unlock your Divine potential as you travel your Soul’s Path, register today for the FREE Guardian Planets of Astrology Telesummit.

“See” you there!

With starlit eyes & love,

Rev. Elvia

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