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A’s to your Q’s about Angel Communication

Q (&A)Great questions asked about angel communication – thanks to all who contributed!

I wrote this during open enrollment for our Angel Communication Basic Training. The questions folks asked, were inspiring, to say the least.


Take a look… 🙂

Lisa from NJ asksI feel like it doesn’t really work at times..or that people think that because you talk to angels everything is smoother or you won’t have any issues/problems in life…I am not sure how to handle this at times.”

OMG, how I love this question! Thank you for asking it, Lisa!

Here’s the thing…healthy and open communication with the angels doesn’t mean you won’t encounter issues or problems in life. Why? Because certain challenges are destined for us.

I know. The ego hates this point and wants to scream, “See, I told you so!”

Hear me out. There are lots of great examples of people who have been through tough times and come out the other side with more experience, deeper wisdom and are better equipt to help others.

Louise Hay healed herself through a journey with cancer.

Wayne Dyer was an orphan child.

Our U.S. President, Barak Obama’s mother grew up in Kansas with a father who worked on oil rigs during the Great Depression and his father herded goats in Africa before he received a scholarship to attend college in Hawaii.

Were they working through their karma? Maybe.

We all need life experiences to shape and create us. Not all of these experiences are going to be easy.

What the angels do for us are two things:

  • guide us around the unnecessary challenges (hey, we probably don’t need all of them!)
  • guide us through the ones we are destined to encounter so that we handle them with faith, love, forgiveness, compassion and sometimes even joy – for ourselves and anyone involved. This allows us to emerge on the other side ready to rock and roll with our life purpose!


Lori from Arizona writes, With regards to my Son on the other side. I understand the Angels are God’s Messengers. Do the Angels open a doorway for my Son to communicate to me directly or do they themselves do the communicating for him?”

Lori, so sorry for your loss! Feels like it was an “abrupt departure.” Many blessings…

Regarding mediumship and communication with deceased loved ones, the angels are always overseeing the process. You can think of them as managers who are constantly deciding what is in your highest good.

I personally have experienced both communication with someone from the other side directly and also through the angels.

It all depends on how ready you are to handle the vibration of the one crossed over, in this case your son. I am hearing that you aren’t quite ready to experience him directly…but soon.

I pray this helps.


Candace from Boston doesn’t have a question but wrote, I just want to thank the angels for their love.”

I just have to include this here because we had a whole bunch of folks ask about life purpose, finances, health, relationships – hitting on all those BIG life topics.

While this is not a forum for personal readings, I do want to emphasize that 99% of successful angel communication begins with asking and is executed through gratitude and thanks.

It is absolutely essential to ask for help.

So many times folks think they’re asking for help, but they aren’t really…at least not in a way that will yield the kind of results they’re looking for.

This happens because the request isn’t specific enough (yes, the universe is very literal).

Or the request is coming from ego and not the soul (think, “I’ve just got to have that house…that man…that job. Please angels!”)

Or the request is coming from the soul level, but it isn’t being backed up with guided action to affirm it.

Prayer requests for the angels must be specific, from the soul level and be fueled by your decisions to make the request manifest.

The role of gratitude is simple. Giving heartfelt praise and thanks to your angels solidifies their contract to help you. If you don’t thank them, it’s like they can’t hear you. Not because they’re shunning you, but because your prayers are carried on the vibration of gratitude.

Thank you Candace for underscoring the importance of thanking the angels!


Again, thank you to all who asked these powerful questions. If you asked a personal angel reading type question, this was not a forum for that, but I have read your submission and you are in my prayers.

If your angel communication question was not answered, stay tuned. I am inspired by many of the responses and I know you are my muse for future mailings. 🙂

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