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Boston, Bombs and Prayers of Love

I’ve had several folks comment that they enjoy and are calmed by my voice – thank you! So I’m trying something new… Click for an audio version of this email message.


So yeah…this is our birthday month and we’re usually bubbling over with events and things we can do to celebrate, because I do love birthdays.

This year has definitely brought its own form of spring growth and events that have focused me in other directions. Healthy directions, but not ones where I feel like blowing up balloons, giving free angel readings and stuffing down some birthday cake in a crowd with my earth angel peeps. I’ll happily take some cake, though! ;)… 

I’m seeing this increased level of upheaval to be true for other earth angels as well. Is it true for you too, my dear one?

Are you finding that the angels are pulling you in new, unexpected directions? Do you sense that they’re throwing you challenges and calling you to step up your game with love?

We’ve had several events this week that have brought many of us humans to our knees…the Boston bombings, the earthquake in Iran, the fatal explosion at the fertilizer plant in Texas…all just within a span of 3 days. And, of course, many have other devastating events in recent memory…the shootings at Sandy Hook, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, floods…and on.

When these things occur, we can either respond with love or fear in our hearts.

The ego is quick to raise its hand and insist, “Fear! Helllloooo, this is all terrifying. Sound the alarms! Judge…hide…control…there’s no way God is helping here.”  

Of course deep within, your soul understands that love is the ultimate answer. But sometimes it can take some work to get there.

We have to forgive ourselves when the love is our intention but it’s not an immediate thing. That’s okay…healing is a process. We must, however, hold tight to that intention. The intention that love heals all things and is ever our guide.


Monday’s events at the Boston Marathon were tragic. Happening right in my backyard both literally and figuratively, it rocked me to the core. How? Why? Why?… and more Why?

It took me a good 24 hours to center because I knew this was such a pivotal event, in several ways.

Here’s a prayer I was given by Archangel Michael in meditation Monday evening that helped ground me and realign me with love…please enjoy and use it as you are inspired.


Dear Angels,
Please transform this pain and sorrow into light.
Take it from me – from all of me – and change it into a lesson learned, a gift, a nugget of golden truth newly mined. Help me to see only love and light, to release any judgment.
May those who cause pain be held responsible and prevented from causing further harm. May they also be enshrouded with love, forgiveness and compassion for I know when we punish with fear in our hearts, we perpetuate the hatred.
I choose not to embrace the fear, but rather to embrace the nourishing, healing vibrations of love.
When I am able to do that, I transform the world around me. And as each of us transforms the world around us, we transform the world.
Thank you my dear angels, I feel you now.
Blessed be.


In response to a heightened need for focus on prayer, I will be recording a Prayer for Peace audio this weekend with my dear friend and AngelsTeach Dean of Students, Marianne Chandler. It will be released to the general public next week, so please watch your inbox.

Remember as we “…embrace the nourishing, healing vibrations of love…as each of us transforms the world around us, we transform the world.” 


Yours in peace and with much love,

Rev. Elvia Nina 

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