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I have always been one to hold true to commitments that I make. I honor the expectations that I set for others to the best of my ability. This has sometimes meant that I have compromised my own needs and sacrificed my own well being and the desires of my soul.

About two months ago, I set a personal goal that many would view as extreme. I have held this goal solidly in my consciousness. The vibration of this desire grows stronger each day and I am now watching my world change around me as a result of this creation that seeps into my reality.

Many of you may know I recently released a 43-day eCourse The ABCs of Creating Abundance with the Angels*. One of the things I help with is the understanding that as you set your intention for change, change happens. It’s a natural part of our world and will happen anyways, but when you set your sights intensely, change occurs more rapidly.

Things in my world around me are changing very quickly right now – almost faster than I can keep track of. I have made some commitments on both a personal and business level that I am now struggling to keep. I am finding it crucial to be in tune with my soul’s needs on a very moment to moment basis. This is really hard for me because I am a person who holds a promise as very dear.

And yet, some of these promises are counter to the goal I am working diligently to create. I know that if I back out of some of my commitments, I will disappoint people (something I hate to do). The question has run through my mind, “Do I honor my commitment to others more than my commitment to my own highest good? Do I ignore the deepest desires of my soul?”

And the answer invariably is that as I trust and stay close to the guidance of my angels all will be perfect. Commitments I’ve made that I must break will result in the highest good for all affected. I trust that the angels will arrange for this.

I share this experience because yesterday I did something I’ve only done once before in my career – I missed an appointment with a client. Totally forgot, because I was meeting with a book coach about writing a book proposal! And now, after meeting with the book coach, the angels are very strongly guiding me to “clear my calendar for the next 4 weeks”, because I need to be writing, writing and more writing.

More commitments to others will be broken as I carefully arrange my calendar around my guidance from the angels. In the long run, however, I know this is how I can serve and do my best work in this world that is so in need of healing.

I’ve known I need to write a book for a while now, but hadn’t reached the right moment. And yesterday, I did. Perhaps I will share some of the book in this blog as it emerges. I would like to commit to that, but…well, you know.

Stay in the moment and keep your commitments focused on your highest good. Trust that as you do so, all others in your life will thrive. They may stumble from disappointment at first, but perhaps this is exactly what they need to step out on their own.

Love,  Joy and Abundance, Rev. Nina

*link no longer valid but the blog message is still relevant!

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