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“Dear earth-Angel Nina, My goodness, I have learned so much from you these past two months! I will miss you, Dawn and the other “class-Angels” an awful lot, but know we will re-connect in another class, and in-person next Spring at the reunion. Thank you so much for many kind words, thoughts and guidance – I can’t begin to tell you how much they have meant to me.

“This may sound strange, but through this class, the most unexpected thing happened: I think I actually got my sense of humor back! People used to tell me all the time that I was “such a funny person”… so where did I go? Of course that doesn’t matter much, what matters most is that it’s a part of me that I absolutely need if I’m going to attempt to help anybody else (that, I learned from Human Design!). And now, I’m finally beginning to believe that I’m ready to live my passion.

“So Nina… muchas gracias and about a zillion thank-yous. Wishing you every blessing and many, many joys, and I will see you next year!” Debbie, Indiana, June 2009

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