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Ego…expose #3?

Before we dig into the juicy topic of the ego body, thank you for the prayers and support following the message I wrote two weeks ago while my father was en route to the hospital.

Many of you responded and I am most grateful. My apologies that I have not responded to you directly…remember when I wrote that we often don’t know what’s in store for us, but our angels do?!

Well, I was in the ER with my Dad when I received the call that my mother had fallen and was on her way to the ER by ambulance to a different hospital. 

Gulp. Panic. Breathe. Pray. Act.

Our daughter was with me, so she stayed with my father while I went down to be with my mother.

The short version…all is now okay with both parents back home and stable. And thanks to the angels – we managed to fly to Denver the next day for a family wedding. 😀

Yes, the angels saw this coming. And they took good care of us.

Yet another beautiful reminder of the importance of staying close to our guidance when navigating life – especially the tricky stuff.



Are you being truly generous – and I would add forgiving – with yourself, beloved one?

In one of the final days of our Release Limiting Beliefs 28-day event, we focused on the topic of Generosity and how being divinely generous begins at home. With ourselves. Of course generosity extends beyond ourselves, but this is where we’re focused today.

During the call, one of our brilliant Angelic Life Coach/Minister students, Yvonne Peraza, made a statement that hit me to the core.

She had been dialoging with her ego and angels about something troubling her. What she learned is that her ego was scared. No surprise there, yes?

What she also learned is that her ego was also consolable, accepting and willing to cooperate.

I remember when I was in seminary years ago, we were discussing the effects of the ego. Most of the folks in the room – including some of the teachers – made faces, snarled and energetically flipped the ego the proverbial bird. The ego is the enemy, the root of all evil, the force that will bring down this empire of one.

I was one who spoke up to defend the ego stating that it simply needs love. Others chimed in and agreed. 

All true, yet I have tripped and sometimes fallen into the habit of ego bashing myself, especially this past year.

For that, I apologize to you…and to my ego.

Thank you Yvonne for bringing me back to this truth. I love you GF!


When we speak of the ego, we are addressing these denser energies that aren’t capable of the kind of insight and perspective we need for day to day guidance. No judgment here, just a fact.

We can’t expect dense energies to vibrate in alignment with enlightenment. They don’t know how and it’s not their purpose.

While the ego may be an illusion, what we resist persists. When we reject the ego, we strengthen the lower vibrations of fear and self-loathing.

Simply put, we only make matters worse.

When these energies take over, breathe and ask your angels to bring you back into your center of truth and well being. Release the judgment. Release the inclination to reject anything with disdain, including your ego.

All it needs is your compassion.

I still believe in the essence of the messages I shared within Exposé – Sneaky Ego Tricks #1 & 2. What I forgive myself for is the tone and attitude towards the ego body.

It could be that the ego is our greatest teacher! 😉 


An Exercise for Centering

Dialogue with your ego and angels as follows…

My dear ego, what is it you fear? 

(Breathe deeply and listen to the response.)

You know that the angels are powerful enough to overcome that, right? Whatever is in store for us is good and right. You may not be able to see that at this moment, but our angels know it to be true and I trust that.

(Reassure and love your ego as guided here.)

Thank you dear angels for helping me to see with greater clarity, to accept who I AM and realign with love.

I trust that all is good and that I am safe, whole and healed.

Thank you.


Soooo…is the ego scheming and strategizing for our demise? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Either way, we respond – just as we do with anyone challenging us – with love. No judgment. Only love.

Ultimately, this is how we raise the vibration of our Being to the level of the Masters.

Enjoy this beautiful day with your angels!

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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  1. Learning that my ego was “consolable, accepting and willing to cooperate” was just the beginning. My angels reminded me that this was the very essence of Surrendering and Trusting. They said to me, “you trusted your ego so much that, not only did you give it love, but you had enough trust to surrender into your ego’s question.” Whoa, that was powerful! I surrendered into trusting that my ego had something important to share. And you know? My ego was right!!! You heard me. My ego shared a very important tidbit — I hadn’t looked at the entire picture. What I saw was how my choice would’ve effected my family, and not a good way so go ego! I love you! xoxo

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