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Energy feeling intense lately?

Oh my, dear ones!

I don’t know about you, but this energy has given me a doooozy of a ride! And from chatting with my peeps, sounds like I’m not alone.

Whether it be a result of the Mercury Retrograde dance, solar flares from storms on our sun or some other forces emanating from the cosmos (and more likley a combination of these events), it’s been intense and has packed a powerful punch.

I was scheduled to teach last night, but after a major download of new information about some evolving course curriculum for one of our training programs, I was too wiped and had to cancel.

The dreams my husband and I have been having, also intense. Kind of like waking up after a full “day of work” during dream time!

Can you relate dear one? 

Anyways, the angels have asked me to send you this reminder that it’s all goodEverything is in divine order!

I received these messages this morning…

Archangel Michael shares, “This is a time for you to go inward and seize the opportunity to do any healing you’ve been putting off. This is not a time to ignore the signs for growth. We are pushing humanity to a higher place, a more loving existence but it can’t happen without each earth angel embracing their healing path. The collective can’t move forward unless each person plays their part.

Archangel Gabriel chimes in with, “These energies serve a very important purpose and it is in your best interest to use them wisely. Express yourself ever in alignment with love and you will do well. Fall into the fear and you will stumble. We are here to help… remember to ask for it.

And then Archangel Raphael reminds us, “Yes, this healing is essential and it begins and ends with you loving you. Be gentle, go easy, embody surrender and forgiveness. Be brave and go forth. You would not be given this task if you weren’t able to succeed. You are a child of God and are fully capable of doing this.

One of my Angelic Life Ministry students, Jamie Streett, shared this information about solar storms last week… Solar Flares and How They Affect Us.

Great insights with some pearls of wisdom for navigating these energetic bursts. I pray it gives you strength and inspiration.

Stay calm, have faith and know that your angels are by your side 24/7!

With much love,

Rev. Elvia

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