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[Event] Create 2014 with the Angels

Beautiful greetings, dear earth angels!

2014 is already proving to be a year of foundational growth. It has strong, determined energy that is moving us all to a higher plane of Be-ing. Yummy!

In order to be in alignment with this powerful energy, we need our angels to lead the way.

To help you plug into your personal truth and create a 2014 filled with all things good, my husband Peter and I are facilitating a Create 2014 with the Angels on Sunday, January 19th at 5-6:30pm eastern.**

(Note: if you are already registered or are a current Silver Halo member of Living with the Angels™, you’re all set!)


During this event…we will guide you through intention setting with some journaling, a group meditation and a future life journey along with Q&A to ensure that you understand the process and the experience that you have.

This is a shamanic journeying process with the intention of visioning forward in time to identify potential obstacles, release them in advance and create a year of love, joy, health and abundance.

You will also be invited to privately share (via email) a short version of your intentions for 2014. Peter and I will then take these intentions and pray their fulfillment every day for 20 days to support your success.

The cost of this event is $40 and will last approximately 90 minutes. Fee includes access to the live event, access to the downloadable recording after the event is over, option to submit your personal prayer for our group work and a bonus guided meditation. 

We want YOU to live the joyous year you are destined to live!


Yes, I’d like to join you for Create 2014 with the Angels!

**Live attendance is not required, so if you’d like to join us but the date/time don’t work, no worries! You can listen to the recording at your convenience.


When you register, you will also receive access to a BONUS recording entitled 2013 Footsteps – A Guided Meditation to help you reflect, identify and celebrate all the good things that transpired for you in 2013 that you can use to consciously create a solid foundation for 2014.


Get clear with your angels for 2014 and create a year that tickles you to the core!

Ever yours in truth…

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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