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[Event] Swimming thru mud, or the path of evolution

9 Days of EFT/Tapping for Surrender…event details below.

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While the transit energies of the neutrinos streaming through the planet this past week have been more peaceful and supportive, that hasn’t been my predominant experience.

I’ve had pockets of smooth flowing. Along with some major upheaval – including some awesome aha’s. Sprinkled with a good amount of feeling scattered and less clarity around where to focus.

I share this, because I know I’m not alone. My prayer is that my words may touch your heart.

There is so much pain, sorrow and chaos on the radar screen right now, the ego often jumps in to protect us by drawing our attention to this or that…the laundry (which can brings its own, “do I really want to right now?” dance), the need to shave (literally where I was a second ago as I surveyed the growing fur on my shins), social media feeds, any provisioning of things that are needed (aka shopping), etc…

All of these choices are good and normal, when they hold the appropriate amount of attention. When trivial, scattered and mundane thoughts rule the roost…there’s something going on.

For me, it’s felt like swimming through mud.

What I’m realizing is that 99% of the struggle…is releasing the desire for things to be different from what they are.
I want there to be peace that prevails.
I want my children to be excited about their futures.
I want to be able to hug my friends and hang out with my lady priestesses indoors without having to nagivate social distancing.
I want to have time to do the 486,927,777 things I want to do today.
I want walruses to live in an environment that supports them and for koala bears to be safe.
I want my chipped molar not to be chipped.
I want people to really listen to each other heart to heart and transcend the drama.
I want a government that truly cares about people. All people.
And I really don’t want to do the laundry.

A part of me is in a battle. Wanting these things that don’t feel like a possibility right now.
I’m fighting: What Is.
Which is futile. And exhausting.


I’m usually pretty good at it. My angel friends whisper that these dense, transitional energies are stirring the pot. And stirring it good. Taking us from training in Surrender 101 to a PhD level.

For many of us, triggers that used to be easy to navigate – are triggering deeper feelings. Which is good, because it’s initiating deeper awareness and deeper awakening.

It was easy to ignore the lesser battles of not wanting to unload the dishwasher when that was the prominent thorn in my paw.

But we are all opening our eyes and hearts. We are seeing the results of the past and bearing witness to the outcome of choices made not just by us, but by those who came before us.

And it can be a lot.
Surrender. Is the way through, with lots of intentional breath, prayer and meditation. Allowing ourselves to be where we be…for the world to be where it be.
Along with a healthy dose of forgiveness.
As well as a commitment to guided action that aligns with new understandings and realizations.
And bubble baths (to clean off the mud, of course.)
This is the path of evolution.


Inspired by all of this, I’ll be hosting another 9 day event to tap away those sticky things that get in the way of surrender.

9 Days of EFT/Tapping for Surrender – begins Tuesday, September 29th at 11am Eastern

You can attend (no charge) by any of these venues:

  • Zoom (click for link)
  • Facebook (click to join) – if you’re not already a member of our Angels, Alchemy and Human Design group, please ask to join BEFORE the event begins…I’ll be too busy to help you once we start.
  • YouTube – click to follow. While the event will not be streamed to YouTube live, the recording will be posted to the AngelsTeach YouTube channel.

So mark your calendars, bookmark whichever venue(s) are most convenient for you and let’s do this surrender thing.

I would love to work with you to surrender.

xo Elvia

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