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Exposé – Sneaky Ego Trick #1

Pardon the rawness of my rant here, but it’s time to share another side of me. The side that strives to kick the ego-butt to the curb. No holds barred. 😉

Here we go…

Sometimes I want to slap the Lightworker community and scream “Ahhhh!! Get out of your head! Get into your heart!”

There are moments I just want to smack the whole darn group upside the head.

(Yes, I include myself here at times.)


Because we get tangled up in the mind and what we think we’re supposed to do, rather than trust what we already know. And we do – already know. This is why we’re the Lightworkers.

Enter, the ego. Nemesis of that inner knowing.

Sneaky Ego Trick #1The ego LOVES to make things complicated. Inspired by fear, the ego takes situations in life and wraps them in a cocoon of steps, conditions, and pre-requisites that must be met in order for us to feel the blessings of the life we’re destined to live.

We, the Lightworkers of the world, excel at this mostly because our mission here is big. That can feel scary. But we have work to do.

We, the Lightworkers of the world, hide behind our truth by believing that if we…

  • are vegan
  • put a mirror in just the right place to reflect the good energy back into the room
  • do yoga 45 minutes/day 6 days/week
  • follow step 1, step 2 and then step 3 of a romance spell laid out in a popular book
  • place statues of favorite angels, Buddha and Ganesha in strategic locations

our lives will be transformed and we will FINALLY live the lives we so desperately want.


Not necessarily.

We do these things and believe them – most of the time – because someone else told us to. And we don’t even consider questioning it.

We hang on to the beliefs that the person giving the advice was smarter, more experienced, a professional at what they do and say, and on…

We give away our power and ignore our own inner authority.

We forget to go into the heart and ask the simple question, “Is this right for ME?”

Again, “Is this right for me?”

Several years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to be vegan, because a favorite and well-respected teacher told me I needed to. I did the research and was careful about what I ate and supplements I took. After shivering my way through February feeling weak and depressed, I realized that with the hormones changing in my body, I needed a certain amount of meat in my diet. Not a lot, but some.

Suffice to say, I have my own scars from listening to others rather than my own angelic intuition, my heart. Thankfully, that is more in the past than the present.


So, how DO you create lasting change and a life you adore?

It’s actually quite simple.

Love yourself.

Respect your own needs enough that you listen to your heart, follow the inner guidance of your angels and do what truly feels right to you body, mind and spirit.

Always be asking… “Is this right for ME?”

If it’s not 100% clear, ask your angels to make the right answer for you obvious.

Your path may lead you to become a vegan, feng shui advocate, or a yogi. It may even lead you to your soul mate or heal a chronic illness.

You may mindfully, and with great heart and respect for the animal, eat meat as guided.

The answers will be unique to you.

One thing I know for sure… you will be led to happiness.

Pure and simple. Joy!


I end this rant with a prayer and blessing for you…

Dear One,

May you learn to trust the inner wisdom of your heart and take only what feels right when you are absorbing knowledge from others, whoever they are.

May you realize that this world needs you to love yourself almost as much as your soul needs you to love yourself.

May your angels guide you down the path that has been created for you and is unique to your destiny and your calling.

May you trust that only you are the expert of You!

And so it is. 

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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  1. This is so refreshing to read! I am no longer sure how many times I have been lectured on your bullet points. I too have made mistakes fitting myself where I don’t fit. At last – someone who has written my thoughts…as I continue to evolve into me being me..

  2. thank you so much Rev you share this messeges its so beauteful, i also share this messeges in my wall of facebook and i send to my freind, this messeges, even we are enter the new world stel have some people the dont know what sneaky ego is, i am so sure you can help this messeges,
    thank you for helping as,,

  3. dear Rev, and and other,
    i been thinking about your letter the time i ask question you give me answer, and that its true,
    because i can feel it, i was befor of theolyn cortes, but is not work for me, it so much requerment, i can not folow, so im deside to choice you fell like easy for me, and i tell my self i have to learn to accept angel for me in my life, its also defecoult how to learn to know of my angel, because, God in my heart since i was a chaild untel now, now for new a life, i need you to learn me how i can comonication of my loveng Angel in my life, how to hear, how i folow them how i can trust,,
    and i love meditation i do two times a day,,,

    1. Meditation is a great place to start with hearing and trusting your angels’ guidance. I know you’ve signed up for our Basic Training class and that is a perfect place for you to continue this journey! I look forward to having you in class!

  4. Wonderful! I would add that the way I see my ego is that it is evolving towards being more aligned with my soul, eventually fully, and in the process, it misunderstands many things about life and about itself. The journey from mind to heart is not as easy as “yeah, just do it, for crying out loud!!!” for the following reason: because it has become a nearly lifelong habit to NOT go to my emotions, I have no reference point. Meaning, I don’t even know what it’s like to be connected to my innermost feelings and have to re-train myself. I cannot catch myself when I’m in my head if that is all I know how to relate to the world. This has nothing to do with being a man, it is simply the product of defensive strategy. My ego’s primary agenda is to protect me from pain and from getting hurt, which, in the past, had served me well and saved my life several times, so I feel obliged to acknowledge its gift. Today, it is quite a piece of work to heal through that and adapt a different modus operandi — hence my journey.

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