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Flying Cats & Dead Grasshoppers

Angel messages can appear in many different manners…sometimes subtle and sometimes very abruptly.

Today is a holiday in the US and my babies (ok, so they aren’t really babies at 16 and 19) are still slumbering. I’m looking forward to spending time with them, but I’m also feeling some pressure to do some work as this is a very busy time of year with classes, etc…

My plan has been to work this morning and then “play” with my family most of the afternoon. The angels seem to have a different plan as announced by my flying cats and the sudden appearance of a dead grasshopper.

As I was checking my emails, 2 of our 3 cats came into my room and began to perform their circus act. It typically involves chasing under beds, on top of chairs, fetching balls, you cat lovers know the deal. Usually, they avoid my sacred areas almost as if the angels have put a protective shield around it. Until this morning, when Cloud and Cheetah (be careful what you name your animals) went racing across my prayer altar and sent my candle representing the Angels of the North/Earth flying across the room.

This candle in my prayers represents grounding and manifestation on the material plane. There are 3 messages in this event and the one I’d like to draw attention to now is the fact that the angels are screaming at me to ground, to continue to restore balance in my life and rethink what I’ve put on my work plate for today.

As we humans often do, I replied to this message, “OK, but let me just take care of ….”

And then came the dead grasshopper, a symbol of luck, stability, creativity and prosperity. A more dramatic message that I need to heed the well-intended messages from the flying cats and focus on grounding today.

So I am listening and my plans are changing. The 5 hours I’d laid out to work today will be cut in half. If I don’t, who knows what the angels will throw in my path. A flying sheep could hurt.

I am off to enjoy tea and my new favorite playtime book, The Sugar Queen.

Enjoy your day and watch out for those hurtling animals! xo

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