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Free Intro to Angel Communication Audio

IMAGINE a life feeling blessed by the angels!

IMAGINE that you can receive advice and wisdom about daily matters from the highest power available!

IMAGINE that you CAN learn to trust the voice of your soul that is yearning to be free!

Introduction to Angel Communication is an amazing 1-hour class where you will learn the fundamentals of how the angel communication process works.

Using angel oracle cards, Rev. Nina and her trained teachers, will demonstrate how to receive guidance for making both the small and the big decisions.

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In this 1 hour class, you will discover the basics of Angel card reading in a safe and loving environment! By the end of class, I am certain you will have received proof of your powerful intuitive sense.

RECORDED LIVE: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 8pm Eastern.

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LOCATION: This is a TELECLASS!! This class is conducted via the telephone and internet. You will need access to the internet and your phone.

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