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Fruity Messages from the Angels

Sometimes people think that the messages from the angels are straightforward, obvious and easy to understand. While this is true many of the times, there are occasions when the angels want us to really look hard and to ponder the message(s) that may lie within.

An obvious message may be as simple as getting hit over the head with an “aha” moment about your health. The more subtle messages, and often odd ones, can reveal a more obscure truth.

I’ll give you an example…several times over the past few weeks as I’ve been driving, I’ve seen fruit lying in the road. First it was a whole apple, just there in the gutter with not even a house or a sidewalk nearby. And it wasn’t a discarded core, it was the entire piece of fruit. I thought to myself, “Hmmmm…that’s odd!” But knowing that we receive a million messages a day, when I didn’t get an immediate hit on what the message was, I stored it away for future use. It was too unusual not to hold some nugget of angel wisdom.

And then a few days later – almost in the same place – I saw an orange. Again, the whole thing. Not a peel or a section, but the entire orange orange! “How bizarre!!!” I thought to myself.

Are the angels trying to tell me I”m a fruitcake? Am I passing by some fruity opportunity? Do I need to eat more fruit? No, not really. The answer that resonated most closely was to “focus on the low hanging fruit”.

Okay, and two days ago, I encountered a half eaten pear in the middle of the road. “Half a pear?…My other half?” Oh, my chatting with the angels and pestering them with questions wanting to know the answer was relentless. But they are wise, and know when it’s best to reveal their Divine knowledge to us. And when to wait.

Yesterday, I began to see Ford Focus cars all about. On the highway, on the sideroads, in parking lots. Focus, Focus, Focus.

And I realize it’s a message to “Focus on the bounty of the fruit that is all around you that is ripe and waiting to be eaten.” And I hear a “ding! ding! ding!” from the angels in my head. I finally have my answer.

In the next two weeks, I am launching two new classes that have been surfacing in the past couple of months. Next Tuesday begins a 2-week Protection with the Angels teleclass.

For graduates of the Angel Reading Certification Program, I am announcing an Advanced Angel Reading class.

The fruit is right in front of me…and it’s in front of you too! Bon appetite!! Hee! ;)…

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