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Is it spring yet?

This winter I was sick for the better part of 3 weeks. I had a cold, but was mostly just tired. While it was an amazing growing experience for me and I know was a necessary part of the process of cleansing old belief systems, it also grew old. I mean as inviting as the couch may be, there’s only so long you can sit in one place!

Our son woke up with a migraine last Wednesday, was fine on Thursday and then woke up with a fever on Friday which he is still battling. Peter is sleeping late today, because his glands felt swollen last night and he needs extra rest to fight off a cold. Sound familiar?

Of my local friends, all of them have at least one family member who is down and out. It seems that even outside of my close circle, people are struggling if not with illness, with anxiety about the future.

A part of me is saying “OMG, will this string of illnesses and fears ever end? Is it spring yet?!!” And the other part of me embraces the opportunity to continue to “clean house” because it’s in these times of heightened frustration that we grow the most.

If you are feeling plagued with a similar situation, I could ask you to look at the goodness in your lives and focus on that (something I’d typically say).

Or I could encourage you to look deep within at the underlying emotions behind your illness, or your frustration, or whatever it is that is bothering you (another thing I’d typically say).

Today feels different. Today I feel the need to invite you to be in total and complete stillness. After reading this post, close your eyes, listen to the rhythms of your body and the sounds of the world around you and allow the stillness. So many people are afraid that if they allow such deep quiet, that they might hear something they don’t want to hear…that maybe some hidden truth will scream out and make itself heard… that hiding will no longer be possible.

Stillness is peace.

Stillness reveals truth.

Stillness is where your angels dwell.

Listen to your angels and give them the space to help you through the final leg of winter. Spring is just around the corner!

Blessings of Love, Joy and Abundance,

Rev. Nina

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