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June 2013 – Messages from the Angels

You know what time of the month it is, dear one?

Time for the video messages from the angels! This is your chance to tune into your angels and see what they have to share with you right now. 

Ask your angels to help you choose and select either the Tibetan Prayer Wheel, the pool skimmer or the cell phone. Tune into what feels right in your heart and you will achieve that direct connection with your angels.

Watch, engage and enjoy this month’s Messages from the Angels video… 

Click HERE or on the image below (yes, I’m a little excited here!)


As I mentioned last month, as you watch this video and receive your message from the angels, be open to your personal associations and experiences with the object you choose. I call this theIntuitive Vocabulary and it will help you take the message from this video to a deeper, more personal level.

Some examples…

If you chose the Tibetan prayer wheel, does it remind you of something you saw in a movie, or in a store? Have you felt a close association with the movement to free Tibet?  

Chances are high, you know all about cell phones…If you chose this object, what’s your true relationship with cell phones and so the filter you bring to the table? Are you reliant upon them? Do you view them as more of a blessing than a curse (or vice versa!)? Did you recently overhear a conversation that comes to mind as you watch this? 

And the pool skimmer, any memories from childhood? A friend’s pool? Or perhaps it reminds you of a net used for fish tanks.

Whatever comes forward for you may not make sense right away. In fact, there’s a good chance it doesn’t entirely. As you allow the angels to reveal their message for you, it will come together in divine time.

Have fun dear earth angel and enjoy this beautiful month of June.


With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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