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Kick your fears to the curb in 2014…and BE You!

Happy 2014!!! I always love the beginning of January.

It’s fresh with new intentions, new energy. The holiday break shines perspective on life and helps to see things in a rejuvenated light.

We are invited and have opportunity to re-align with our life purpose, why we’re here.

Our job, as earth angels, is to simply be clear with who we are and what we want.

In celebration of this new year, I have not one, but two free opportunities for you to reach deep into your soul and create a year that rocks with your angels.


Starting todayPower House 2014 Video Summit. Here you go…

Who are you? It’s a really powerful question, don’t you think?

It’s the question that keeps us honest on our path, and guides us with further discovering the meaning of life, our life, and our contribution to the planet. It is the question, that once answered, can open our hearts to accepting who we are, and gives us courage to continue to express.

2014 is upon us and I am so excited to be a part of an event that will facilitate this answer.  My dear friend Asha Ramakrishna has invited me to be a part of the transformational Power House 2014 Video Summit along with 8 other beautiful, inspiring women.

Click HERE or on the image below to register at no cost!


We will all be speaking to our views of Authenticity and Community at the Power House 2014 Summit. For my piece, I will share with you how the angels can help you live a more authentic and divinely supported life because in my experience – both personal and professional – that’s the stuff of true happiness!

I believe that if you are 100% authentic and surround yourself with people that support you, you can and will manifest your HEART’S DESIRE.

Along with these other Power Houses, I vow to be bold and be 100% of who I am. I vow to find and nurture a Community who will cheer me on; I vow to serve as a guide in this path to Authenticity and I promise to provide the Community that will support you. Authenticity & Community for 2014!

Once again, click HERE to register and join the fun that begins today!

Note: video replays will be available for one week following this event.


The second opportunity is a huge giveaway event that I’ve partaken in several years in a row now. LOTS of great stuff for you to download and enjoy to inspire you through the year.

Because it’s time to internalize ourselves and take charge by getting stronger, growing from the inside out and making a difference in our own lives by tackling and overcoming the challenges we face.
Once again, Stephanie Mulac, Carolyn Hansen & Dr. Joe Rubino have launched the 8th Annual Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway event and there are thousands of dollars of FREE products ready to help you make yourself a priority and find the health and happiness you deserve this year!
They’ve assembled the greatest Self Improvement experts online to help you achieve all that you desire!
Just look at this list of what you can grab absolutely 
FREE just by stopping by their massive giveaway event:
* Simple 3 Step Energy Release Technique – Julia Maria Lloyd
* How to Love Yourself Pack – Tim Pond
* Life Purpose for Soulful Living – Linda J. Ferguson
* Material Manifestation Frequencies Download – Geoff Wilkins
* Mind Alchemy: 3 Lessons of Life – Steven Aitchison
* The 5 Keys to Building a Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur Business – Jesse Krieger
* Attract More Blessings Into Your Life Today! – Yee Shun Jian
* A+ Parenting Video Series – Scott Palat
* Are You Making These 3 Mistakes With Your Affirmations? – Chris Cade
* Filling the Empty Heart: 5 Keys to Transforming Love Addiction ebook & quiz – Sherry Gaba
* The Serenity Path (Discover Your Personalized SPIRITUAL Path) – Mike Evans
* And Much Much More!
You can give up, give in or ask your angels to guide you to exactly what you need to live an inspired life.
To claim your gifts//
I suggest you download the gifts you’d like immediately and check back often because more are being added all the time.
So there you have it… Two wonder-filled, inspiring and free ways for you to kick any fears to the curb and live the life you came here to live.

Together, we can create a revolution!

“See” you on Wednesday! (My date for the video summit interview.)

With much love,

Rev. Elvia

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