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Love…And a Gotta Have New Book

I can’t help myself. I’m in love.

My friend, past teacher and overall awesome woman, Karen Curry, has just released her first major book on one of my favorite topics – Human Design.

Full disclosure – yes, this is a promo for Karen’s book although should you feel guided to continue reading, I trust you will discover something pretty special here.

AND… if you purchase Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology TODAY, you will help Karen boost her rankings on Amazon AND receive an amazing bonus gift she’s put together to help you get in alignment with abundance. 


I don’t talk much about Human Design with y’all outside classes because frankly, it’s a challenging subject reminiscent of algebra and often makes people curl into a fetal position pleading for help.

Human Design is an assimilation of eastern/western astrology, the Kabbalah, I Ching, Hindu Chakra system and quantum physics. It’s a personality assessment tool and essentially provides a map for a person’s energetic blueprint. You can think of it as a map of your true self. Cool stuff!

And very complicated. (No surprise. Humans are pretty complicated creatures!) 

When I was first exposed to my own design, I tore up the chart into tiny pieces, hissed and tossed it in the trash. The language I saw was unloving gibberish that felt cold and lacked heart.

I thought to myself at the time, “How can a system that helps humans better understand themselves be so clinical? How can it feel so disconnected from the comfort of love?”

Karen has managed to take this beast of a topic – Human Design – and tame it into something understandable for most everyone. And she has done it with so much love.

Her core message is simple – Be Yourself.

I love that! So in alignment with what our angels are always guiding us to – just be our true selves!


I had planned to include a blurb with this month’s Ask the Angels Answers email telling you about Karen’s gig, but my angels said, “No no no Elvia! You must send a solo email. This is too important!”

(And by the way, I’m not earning a cent! This is just because I love Karen and her work.)

So here’s the spiel…

If you purchase this book today, October 9th through Amazon, you will help Karen with her efforts to reach the top rankings on Amazon and make her book a best seller.

You will ALSO receive access to the downloadable recordings to her 6-hour course, Abundance by Design as a bonus.



Need more info?

Karen created this beautiful 13 minute video introduction, overview and raison d’etre for this beautiful creation.

Click to view Karen’s video

Won’t you join me to help Karen get this important message out to the world and most importantly, to learn more about your true self?

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone really loved and understood themselves. 

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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