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Love…during Mercury Retrograde

Love. The tie that binds us. The profound experience of connection with another life form. The deep existential force that makes us feel alive.

It’s also the reason we sometimes want to scream.


Mercury is retrograde until next week and with the full moon shining its power upon us today, many earth beings are feeling the pinch of the energy.

When Mercury does this dance, we are always invited to go within. Technology and mechanical instruments tend to act up or go on the fritz. (I’m currently waiting for AAA because my car won’t start – lol!)

These disruptions are an invitation to reflect, process and heal.

Combine Mercury Retrograde with the full “Snow Moon” and the season of winter – a natural time for hibernation – and it’s a surprise anyone wants to leave the fireside (or get out of bed!)

But we do, because we have life that calls to us. Children, parents, jobs, etc…all kinds of commitments that still need us, planets, moons and seasons aside.

Modern society doesn’t allow us to do what our inner compasses are suggesting – to withdraw – so we attempt to make it work as best we can.

The result? Sometimes fine…sometimes not so fine.

Relationships of all kinds can hit messy patches. From irritation to small spats to full on temper tantrums.

Our angels are beckoning us to get quiet, meditate and pray, but many of us push on forcing the energy out of habit.

What to do?

Get forceful, but with time for yourself. Insist on more stillness and downtime.

Whether it’s taking your lunch break alone in your car by the water or explaining to your 8 year old, “Mommy needs some quiet time so I’m going to meditate. Would you like to put on some peaceful music and take some space for yourself while I do that for 10 minutes?”

This is a time to take care of you first and allow the quiet.

This card I pulled from Toni Carmine Salerno’s Healing Angel Cards deck sums up why…

We talk a lot about love during the month of February. Let’s start that thread by loving you first so you can explore those new horizons.

Mercury, the moon and winter are all nudging us towards this…taking care of ourselves is job #1.

When we find that place of stillness within and are in relationship from that place, we thrive. Everyone in our lives thrives.

And that’s a very good thing indeed. 🙂

Take care of yourself dear earth angel! I love you!


Until next time…

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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