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May Video Message from the Angels

I love to ignite the angelic guidance within you! In fact, it’s my passion and turns me on big time!

Here’s how I can help you connect with your angels and discover the guidance you need to receive through the Video Messages from the Angels for May…

Ask your angels to help you choose one of the following 3 objects. This object holds an important message for you. Select either the lilacs, the book or the small brass clock. 

By tuning into what feels right in your heart, you will know and achieve that direct connection with your angels.

Watch, engage and enjoy this month’s Messages from the Angels video… 

Click HERE or on the image below.



One last suggestion…as you do this, be open to your personal associations and experiences with the object you choose. I call this the Intuitive Vocabulary and it will help you take the message from this video to a deeper, more personal level.

Some examples…

If you chose the clock, do you remember a small clock on your grandmother’s mantel? Or has time felt like a major influence recently? 

Were there lilacs growing in your favorite corner of the yard when you were growing up? What memories come to mind? 

Does the book the angels chose fit with a theme that’s already occurring in your life? What does it validate for you?


Random musing – love this! One of our beloved viewers noted on Youtube that the full moon in May is Buddha’s birthday. You’ll see that two of our kitties were snuggling up to Buddha while I was filming. Happy Birthday Buddha!

Enjoy your week with the angels, dear one!

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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