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Perfect example (because it’s an obscure one!)

This may seem like a rather mundane story on the surface, but it’s a perfect example of how angelic guidance can work in one of its more obscure ways…

Yesterday I had plans to have lunch with my mother in Rhode Island (we live in Massachsetts). I also found out that I had a business meeting at the same time, also in RI. My guidance was unwaivering that I should see my mother. I hadn’t seen her in a while and I missed her. The weather was bad, so my plan was to go to her condo and pick her up and then drive her back.

Our son attends school in RI and usually takes the bus, but because I was seeing my mother, I drove him to school and then went to a local coffee shop to read and do some writing. When I called my mother to confirm plans, she told me she wasn’t feeling all that well and thought it would be best if we rescheduled.

Now I was already in RI with no plans to see my mom, but hey, that meeting I was going to miss was still taking place…so I went.

Point here with this tale is that the angels had their own agenda…my mother needed to know that I would go out of my way to see her. She needed to know that I would forego a business meeting and make her a higher priority. I needed to be at this meeting afterall and so the angels “arranged” things to make that work. They had me already in RI and they interrupted my visit with my mom.

I use this example because often times when I work with people to teach them angel communication, they think they’re supposed to know the full outcome from the start. The whole point when working with the angels is that your action be right in the moment! It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

The end result of my surrendering to my guidance in the moment is that my mother felt loved and business was taken care of. All is good!

…And I know that the angels will make it easy for me to reschedule with my mom very soon!

Trust your guidance in the moment. Choose from the love of the angels and you can do no wrong. It’s all about surrender.

Love, Rev. Nina

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