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Personal Rhythm

We each have our own journey with health and healing. There is no one right answer for anyone, regardless of the countless experts and articles have to say.

In the past two years I have been marching steadily toward the “wise woman” phase of my life. I am the first woman in 3 generations who hasn’t gotten a hysterectomy. And I don’t plan to allow that option either!

My approach is to stay close to my angelic guidance and listen carefully to my body, mind and spirit. The result is an interesting, and rather atypical,  pattern that has emerged. For 2 weeks of the month, I am Mrs Go-Go-Go. I have lots of energy, get up and go to the gym at 5:30am and teach in the evenings. The other 2 weeks of the month, I am Mrs. Go-Ahead-And-Try-To-Get-Off-The-Couch.

At first I found the extremes of this pattern almost disturbing. Shouldn’t the herbs and vitamins I’m taking regulate this variance in energy level? My angels say no. And I trust that.

My body is in a state of change. My life is in a state of change. What I need to maintain good health and well-being varies day to day just as my hormones do and I need to honor that. It’s all good!

It’s Tuesday morning and in most mindsets, the beginning of a busy workday. The card I pulled is the Angel of Relaxation – not what you would expect to start a list of tasks now would you? 😉

Listen to your own body, mind and spirit and honor what you hear. It may fly in the face of “normalcy” and yet is perfect nonetheless. Blessings of health to you!

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