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Quotes, Testimonials & Stats from our 2011 Event

“Angels for Everyone event was low-key yet life changing…like coming home to family & being wrapped in love and acceptance.  Powerful sharing and especially healing in the attunement ceremony.” Dawn from Minnesota

Over 70% of our attendees responded that our Angels for Everyone event was “absolutely life changing!”

“I would walk 5000 miles and I would walk 5000 more to be the one that lives life to the fullest farthest potential possible to the human race today . If you are called at all to do this soul work then join us do it for yourself for all those around you for healing for love and for everyone. Don’t miss opportunities, you will be amazed what you find within. Are your angels calling you? Thank you Rev Nina & Peter” Ilona from Australia

The weather forecast was 90% chance of rain. It was clear and sunny with no rain.

“It was a very intimate gathering of spiritual and loving people. That in itself was a powerful motivator for self awareness and guidance. Each day and each offering was so well thought of that the days flew by. Thank you Peter and Reverend Nina, I loved it!!!!” Penny from California

This was the first time we tracked an event using social media. We tweeted dozens of times and had an event page on Facebook for folks following along.

“If you truly want to feel your Angel connection on a community level with like-minded folks I would highly suggest you attend one of these events in-person at least once in your lifetime. You may find yourself wanting to return again! Rev. Nina, Peter Roe, Rev. Ricardo, and all the AngelTeach teachers are very caring, genuine, and here to help others get grounded and connected to their Angels and help us go out into the world knowing that we are not alone, that we are now apart of a family of Earth. Angels and will be forever connected with one another!” Chris from New Hampshire

We had representation from Canada, US, Australia, and the UK…

“Are you considering attending one of Angelsteach events? If you are, then I highly recommend you to attend these events. You won’t just meet new people, but you will gain and grow so much within. I’ve been to four of Angelsteach events , and each time I have come away abundantly richer & even more healed as a person. Angelsteach is a safe and fun environment, where you can feed your Soul &  Spirit. I totally recommend any one who is considering to attending one of Angelsteach events. You will never regret coming to these events.” Michelle from the UK

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