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Schmucks, Evolution & Angels

You know that random, unpleasant dialogue in your head that goes something like this…

“Oh, that is profoundly dumb! She may think she’s great, but why is her hair like that? And she thinks she’s inspiring…ha!”

“God, I feel fat today.”

“Look at that guy over there. What’s so wonderful about what he’s doing? I’ve been meditating, drinking wheat grass and doing everything I’m supposed to do. I hope he fails.”

“Oh, but no I really don’t. Don’t listen to that garbage angels! He’s delightful and inspiring. Shut up stupid voice!”

“Love is all around me. I am love. Oh blasted, that’s ridiculous because love doesn’t have insane thoughts like this.”

And on and on the bantering goes…the voice of the ego is a schmuck.

Sometimes this schmuck can feel like 100 voices all arguing.

You can try to convince yourself that if the voice is lobbying for the angels, it’s benevolent.

But no.

Any voice that’s arguing, is a schmuck.

Although not really a schmuck because that would be judgmental and alignment with the angels is never judgmental.

So we say…any voice that’s arguing is a lesser evolved influence in our lives.

We can choose to listen to it and empower its disabling effect on us, or not.

We can choose the higher path.

When there are 100 voices whining at the same time though, choosing the higher path can feel like an overwhelming task.

What to do?

Enter, the angels…(or your favorite ascended master who’s here to work on your self-forgiveness. I’ve been working the past few months with Yeshua, so he’s my guy for this exercise.)

When you catch yourself being a beast or trying to tame the beast under false pretenses, stop.

Remember you’re human, so release the self-judgment.

Take a breath and call upon your angels and/or forgiveness guide to interrupt and pour love on the whole darn situation.

Keep breathing and bringing the energy through you. All around you. Don’t quit until you feel done.

Keep breathing. Keep circulating the love.

Don’t quit until you feel done. Until the arguing stops and all you feel is love.

Holding you in the higher light and love of your angels, dear earth angel.

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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