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Sending Out an SOS…to the Angels?

My daughter called in a panic today about her living situation. Her landlord has pushed just about every button and sent her almost over the edge.

Thank God for the angels. After she phoned (and hung up to have a good cry before calling me back), I sat on the couch and prayed. I beamed her with love and sparkly light. I sent her landlord the energy of calming serenity.

And then I demanded guidance from my angels. They were, as always, quick to respond with great wisdom. Shortly after that, my girlie called back, was feeling better and has decided to come home for the weekend to ground and get perspective. The angels cheered.

It’s HARD to be a sensitive being in this crazy world! Especially with these intensifying energies.

It can feel CHALLENGING to have clarity when making decisions – little or big – when emotions and stress are high.

So, what’s an earth angel to do?

Send a flare up to the heavens and cry SOS: Save Our Souls!

Or, Angels please help!

Why? Because the first key to angel communication is that you have to ASK for help. This opens the energy for your winged allies to swoop in with wisdom and guidance.

Which leads me to the second key – you have to KNOW how to hear their response. You’ve got to be able to recognize this guidance and these signs from your angels.


As you are inspired, I’d love to help you with this…

Once a year, my beloved teaching team and I teach our beginners class on angel communication: Angel Communication Basic Training 

If you’re already registered, yay! no need to read on.

If not, training begins next week on Tuesday, February 18th at 8pm eastern. (Don’t be deterred if date/time don’t work – we record every class and make it easy for you to follow along and ask questions. 😉  )

From years of teaching this class, I’ve found that angel communication training is 5% learning a skill you were born with and 95% learning how to identify and trust the messages you’re already receiving. It really is that simple.

But I know – and my teachers know – that it doesn’t feel simple at the start. And the truth is, we still have doubts and fears. The only difference between us and where you may be at, is that we can hear our angelic guidance and have a strategy for working through the muck – like I did this afternoon with my daughter’s situation.

The other thing I’ve learned teaching this class for so long is that everyone can do it. We have a tuition refund policy that I’ve never needed to honor. Because, at the risk of repeating myself, everyone can do it. Talk to their angels and hear their response.

You, my dear one can do this.  

So, if you’re thinking this isn’t possible for you – to learn angel communication – we’re here to tell you it is. We know what it’s like and we’re here to show you the path of the angels.


Here’s the lowdown…

  • Class starts next week and runs for 8 classes with one break in the middle
  • The cost is $147, plus class materials 
  • For the first time ever, we are offering a payment plan to the general public. 3 monthly payments of $55. (Living with the Angels members pay no additional service fee.)
  • Registration closes at midnight on Saturday, February 15th
  • We only do this live once/year

Click to join us for this epic journey & register for Angel Communication Basic Training 


We have lots of testimonials on our website, but this one stands out as I write to you today,

“The Angels guided me to AngelsTeach classes because there were ‘not so basic’ changes just ahead for me. As a result I’m living an authentic, happy, positive life and say, Yea Angels, lead on!.”

Jo, Angel Communication Master™, California


We look forward to welcoming you!

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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