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[Video] October Messages from the Angels

I’m delighted to share that the Angels have made very clear that it’s time to re-emerge with a new edition of Messages from the Angels. And yes…there’s a theme 😇 … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
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[Event] Ancestral Healing: Releasing Patterns Inherited from Our Parents

We’ve all got ’em, dear . Parents that is. While personal experiences range from deep, lasting relationships to never having laid eyes on them to very, very challenging, deeply hurtful relationships … Continued

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Weekly EFT/Tapping – Trusting guidance in the midst of chaos and change

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder there is a secret order.” Carl Jung Note: this is our last live EFT/Tapping for 2020. Thanksgiving love to YOU! … Continued

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Weekly EFT/Tapping – Releasing sorrow and lack of faith in the future

This week we tapped on releasing sorrow and lack of faith in the future to experience peace and acceptance of what is. Feelings of impatience with the intensity also came … Continued

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Weekly EFT/Tapping – Releasing anxiety about the future & concerns re the election

No surprise with our theme this week… releasing anxiety about the future and concerns with the US election. As we discovered, some of this energy traces back before our time. … Continued

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Weekly EFT/Tapping – Moving through disappointment to acceptance

This week we took a healing path on the theme of disappointment which led to anger, frustration and ultimately a release into grounded acceptance.

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Why Dowsing is so helpful, especially now

Last week I announced that the Dowsing with the Angels training is now available. I’ve kept the cost low (with an even lower hardship tuition if that’s needed), because my mission is … Continued

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Weekly EFT/Tapping – unexpressed grief, feeling unsafe + fear of future

This week we tapped on unexpressed grief, feeling unsafe in our bodies and concerns about the future… releasing what is ready to be released and replacing it with love, forgiveness … Continued

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Weekly EFT/Tapping – Grief, sadness, depression…and past lives

When grief, sadness and depression has been a theme for lifetimes. Which as humans, is true most of us. Let’s change that!

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[Free] Weekly Tapping with Elvia

Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed? You’re not alone. LOTS of people have heavy hearts and are in need of deep peace. EFT/Tapping is a wonderful tool I use to get … Continued

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Tapping to Ease Surrender – Day 9

For our last day of 9, we tapped on misaligned expectations as well as the struggle to surrender. And then we affirmed the following through EFT… I am perfect as … Continued

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