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The Angel Smackdown

Had one of what I call an “angel smack-down” that started on Wednesday and finished this morning… It’s one of those angel awakenings that happen abruptly, without warning and usually with huge significance.
You can be humming along through life thinking things are in order and then boom! there it is. Like the angels are quietly watching the struggle (that you might not even see, by the way),and then decide “Enough! Time to step in.”
It all started…
I was meeting a good friend for lunch on Wednesday to exchange (cough) Christmas presents. As I pulled her gift out of the closet and dusted it off, I thought “Wow! Yuletide candles the end of February. Really?” and I began to receive guidance to stop and pick up a new gift before meeting her.
Meanwhile (it’s important to understand the synchonicity here) I am up against a deadline for submission in Linda Joy’s next anthology which is coming out the end of the summer. Our last one, A Juicy Joyful Life,was a best seller (Thank you Linda!) and I want to be sure I do a good job on this one. My deadline is Tuesday. The topic? Being your authentic self.
I’ve also been working 12-15 hours 5+ days/week. Too much, I know. Although I’ve maintained the mindset that it’s temporary.
Okay, so I’m on my way to Providence and tell my friend we’ll meet at 12:30. My angels are VERY clear about which store to go to. I had never seen it before and it’s always exciting when surrendering to my guidance leads me some place new. On the table in front of me as soon as I walked into the shop was an adorable 1920’s flapper-style head warmer. Perfect! Got it.
We met. We hugged. We exchanged gifts. My BFF gave me a beautiful handmade stone candle holder she found at a women’s fair. (This friend is always finding unique gifts that celebrate craftsmenship and/or support a cause. No Gap certificates for her!)
When I returned home, I showed off my new treasure to my honey and set it up on the side table in my office. I grabbed a cup of tea and powered up my laptop preparing to do some work.
I twisted my ankle on Monday and needed to elevate itso as I settled in, I swung my right leg up onto my desk. As I completed this graceful maneuver, I knocked over another candle holder. It was a beautiful green goddess with her arms up holding a tealight.I think, although not certain, it was a gift from the same friend.
When she fell, both her arms broke and the basket holding the tealight came tumbling down.
Makes me think of our friend Humpty…
Curious and feeling a teensy bit playful, I summoned some input from my angel friends on our Living with the Angels™ forum. I knew the message was about letting go of burdens, although I also knew there was more to it than that. Their input was very helpful and led me to the clincher…
This morning, I received the one-liner that completed the smack down, leaving me vulnerable, devoid of ego and lying on the floor. In my meditation, my angels said simply, “you can’t carry the light if you’re heavy with burden.”
I know, duh! Seems so obvious to me now, although sometimes when you’re in the middle of the fog, it can be hard to see what’s right in front of you.
So,pulling this all together… the new candle is very grounded. It is foundational and sturdy, without question. Made with selenite and quartz, it’s all about spiritual activation, clearing, grounding, angels…
What grounds me? Playing to be honest. Yes, of course, prayer, meditation, good food, furry friends, walks in the woods, canoodling with my honey,… but the element that’s been lacking is down-home, good ole fashioned playing.
I’m writing about my journey of authenticity – remember the deadline. Truth be told, I’ve been shy about revealing my more playful side because it can be….well…silly…sometimes irreverent…goofy…and usually mischievous.
My first name – hardly anyone knows this – is Elvia, named after my grandmother. I just realized about 5 years ago “woman of the Elves!” Ha! It’s in my cells to be playful!! It’s literally who I am!!
So here’s my pledge to you as we continue our journey together with the angels, dear earth angels…
I promise I will always be true to you. At least that is my intention. If I’m not true to you, it’s only because I’m not seeing it myself yet.
I promise I will do my best to serve you and help you to experience the angels through the truth of love, joy and abundance.
I promise I will be more playful and share my silly, slightly irreverent, goofy, and mischievous self with you.
I wasn’t expecting this topic – playtime – to be a priority this week. A part of me is still thinking it’s over the top…but that part of me is Shrinking Violet as my angels make my way clear by encouraging me to expose and share my authentic self. It creates more opportunity for joy, is in divine alignment and certainly will make the writing easier. Smile!
I encourage you to discover what brings you closer to your truth. I’m guessing more playtime might be in order?
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