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The Seven Deadly Sins

As the new year commences, I’ve had many conversations with the Angels about releasing the bond that the ego has on the soul. I’m not intending a rampage of ego bashing because I know the ego serves an important purpose and I do believe that the more negative energy we focus, the bigger the problem we create.

That said, in order for the soul to step forward and drive the bus, so to speak, the ego must move to the back.

The 7 deadly sins is an interesting paradigm to examine 7 core behaviors and traits that often trap the ego. Any one of these can lead you away from your spiritual pathway and lead you to stumble off your path of abundance and spiritual bliss. The Angels have a channeled New Year’s message for each of these topics…

Lust – excessive desires of a sexual nature.

The Angels’ message about lust…”You humans have been given such a gift of the flesh. To enjoy the comfort of touch and the ecstasy of arousal is something that is only possible to an incarnated being and we do understand that it is most special. It is what brings you into oneness with each other in a way that is not expressed otherwise. On a collective level, the imbalance has occured because you have turned away from the original intention of this Divine blessing and have closed the door on the spiritual intimacy that is necessary for this experience to be complete on all levels. Next time you feel a sensation that seems lustful, reconnect with your soul and combine your love and respect of spirit with your love of the flesh. If you pursue and act on the impulse of lust, you are casting insult into the creation process. Love, honor, and compassion must be integral to any sexual or sensual arousal.”

Gluttony – eating to an excess.

The Angels’ message about gluttony…”Food is only necessary when your body needs fuel to exist. Anything else is simply excessive. When you are feeling the need to feed yourself, ask the voice of your inner being, ‘does my body need this food or am I really feeding some emotional or spiritual need?’ Obesity has become an epidemic in the United States and the reason is that you have become disconnected from your providers – the Earth, the Sun, the water and the air. Take time to be outside every day, be grateful for your food, thank the Earth and all those who contributed to providing it for you and allow your appreciation for true nourishment to flourish. Your ego distracts you by prompting you to think that food is something that can satisfy more than the basic physical need. You can weaken the ego’s grip by fasting for a day and being consciously grateful for everything you put in your mouth. In truth, it defines you.”

Note from Nina – okay, this is a tough one for me, I admit! I was about to go make myself a chai latte and now, not so sure! I have never been a good candidate for fasting, but the Angels keep throwing the subject matter in my awareness. Anyone interested in doing a 24-hour fast with me? Email [email protected]. If we have enough people interested, perhaps we’ll arrange for a group “Fasting with the Angels”! I do eat well, but I think I am going to go get that latte before I finish writing today! 😉 

Greed – excessive accumulation of wealth

The Angels’ message about greed…”Wealth is a spicey topic for most of you and one of the most effective tools we have for teaching you. Especially amongst healers, there is the belief that to have wealth is to lack spirit and purpose, but if you examine money and understand that it is just energy like everything else, then you gain some objectivity. Just as having the ability to tap into a powerful and unlimited source of healing energy is honorable, having the similar ability to access wealth is a good thing. The very important distinction here is that you must keep it flowing! Greed makes an appearance when you have possessions that you resist sharing in service for the betterment of humanity. As you accumulate wealth, you must maintain the flow and allow what comes in to go out. That does not mean that growing your savings account is wrong either…perhaps you are saving for a larger expenditure that is of service, like a healing center, or school for Spiritual children. The simple lesson, is that when you are faced with the option to share your possessions in divine service, you must do it.”

Sloth – I am an animal lover and really don’t like that this sin has evolved to bare the name of a beloved animal. The name of this sin originally was sadness or despair, so we’ll go with that if you don’t mind!

The Angels’ message about sadness and despair…”The human existence is meant to be joyful. When your soul is out of alignment, depression often sinks in and is a sign that change is necessary. This sin is quite different from the others already mentioned and is more of a signal rather than a behavior. If you are feeling deep seated sadness, despair or depression, then it is time for you to make some serious and lasting changes. Courage will be needed to get through, but know that joy awaits you. There is no reason why any human being on this planet should not be experiencing love, peace and harmony on a consistent basis. Yes, we understand temporary setbacks, but if you are in a challenging state for more the 3 months, then take action to help yourself. And if you’re not sure what step to take next, ask us! That’s why we’re here! Seem impossible? We see a future that we know is attainable. As you do your healing work, you bring all of humanity closer to that future! We love you!”

Envy – insatiable desire for something you perceive someone else has that you don’t

The Angels’ message about envy…”Envy is of course related to fear of lack, just as with greed and gluttony. However, the difference with envy is that you are directly taking someone else’s energy away from them. Whenever you express feelings of envy, your energetic body pulls on the person you envy. It undermines their wellbeing and ultimately causes them harm on an energetic level. Conversely, if you express feelings of love and respect, your energetic body supports the other person and contributes to their success. And as you give to them, so shall you receive. When you allow envy, you hurt everyone involved.” 

Pride – vanity or excessive love of self

The Angels’ message about pride…”While it is important to love yourself as the divine being that you are, it is a trap of the ego to love yourself more than any other living being – including your best friend, animals and even your enemies. Life does not create with one being better than another. Life does not create with judgment. Only humans truly judge as judgment is what we’d prefer to call this sin. Whenever you put yourself above another person (and yes, keep in mind your worst enemies here), you are belittling the creative power of All That Is. You are assuming that you are better able to assess the purpose of another being than the Divine Creator. This behavior is perhaps the most damaging of them all as it is the start of more wars and conflict than you can imagine. Just think of the last time you judged another person for anything and then based your own choices and behavior on that judgment. Next time you are tempted to label someone with a less than loving adjective, look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘Am I really so much better? Isn’t it possible for me to love myself more completely by surrendering to the idea that maybe this person is serving some other purpose I am not able to see right now?’ Remember that you don’t have to like being with everyone, but as you align yourself with the power of Love, you heal yourself and all those involved.”

Wrath – anger and rage

The Angels’ message about wrath…”Like sadness and despair, wrath is a symptom of a disconnected soul and is also an invitation to make positive change. If you feel wrath welling up inside you, then harness the passion behind that emotion and consciously choose your next step. What is making you so upset? What needs to change? Focus on the changes that you are in control of – not those of others. Wishing for someone else to change is a waste of time. Their journey is theirs and yours is yours. So what do YOU need to change?”


Well dear Angel friends, I hope this solioquy has inspired you to look at any traps your ego may have a tendency to fall into and create greater awareness for what you are choosing to manifest for 2009. Happy New Year!

Love, Joy and an Abundance of Angel Hugs, Rev. Nina

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