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The Transporter 3 and Abundance

I love movies. What a great way to put yourself in other realities and “try on” alternate behaviors, choices, and ways of life. And then come back to this reality and apply what seems to work. Our modern society is truly blessed by such opportunities!

I’ve been working for the last 2 weeks on my new 43-day e-course “The ABCs of Creating Abundance with the Angels”. Whenever a new project is in the works, the angels always provide ways for me to learn how to make the creation a richer offering. Movies are one of their favorite teaching tools for me.

Enter The Transporter 3. My new favorite movie. Now I’m going to extend my psychic antennae here and guess that you’re wondering what this action movie complete with hottie Jason Statham has to do with abundance. Am I right? Let me explain…

I had a “date” with our 15 year old son to see The Transporter 3 the day it came out last Wednesday. Theron and I have a tradition of loving this flick series, because it’s fast action, exciting and clever. The good guy always wins and when he fights, he rarely uses weapons. And there’s no blood (I hate bloody violence scenes). Plus, he always gets the girl.

The other likeability factor, that admittedly has nothing to do with abundance, is the amazing car and the hero’s obsession with his car. (Little known secret about me: I have always wanted to be a racecar driver. Really! Not kidding! :))

We caught the late matinee and the movie opened with a brilliant fight scene where the hero is surrounded by about 6 big guys who want to tear him limb from limb. The main villain threatens that he’ll give him 10 seconds to make up his mind, and Frank (the hero) replies “and I’ll give you 5 seconds to remove your hand”. Yes, I’m a bit obsessed, but bare with me hear. He’s in a room full of bad guys, but he maintains who he is and feels no threat!

Abundance lesson #1 – no matter what the odds look like, never lose faith!

The fight ensues and Frank kicks everyone’s you-know-what. While this could seem just like a Hollywood feat, I have realized since watching this movie that Frank demonstrates exactly how it’s possible to defy the odds. It really is an alchemical process, because it’s all about being in control of the energy that’s around you.

Abundance lesson #2 – strive to always be in control of the energy around you

He sensed the attackers’ actions before they happened and was able to respond more quickly and intelligently than his opponents.

Abundance lesson #3 – use your intuition to sense what’s about to happen  

Abundance lesson #4 – trust the information your intuition gives you so you can respond in the moment and with wisdom

Prosperity awareness is a way of life. Like gratitude, it is not something to make room for when things are going smoothly. It has to be a mindset that is with you 24/7. It’s like breathing. Now this doesn’t mean that every thought has to be pure or you’ll fail. It simply means that you need to recognize that deliberate creation takes effort to master (or even minor) these 4 lessons. 

Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend. Keep the gratitude fresh and get ready to roll up your sleeves and make a life of abundance yours!

Blessings of love, Rev. Nina

P.S. If you’re curious, watch the trailer that has clips from this scene. You’ll notice a few other “messages” from the angels in the quoted script, like “don’t think of it as another job, think of it as a mission!”

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